Most Popular Planter Colors and Why

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Most Popular Planter ColorsOnce a planter style is chosen, the next hardest decision has to be made: what color should it be? It isn’t always the easiest question to answer, especially since the color matters more than most people think. The color of the planter could determine how much heat it retains – the darker the color, the more heat it retains, meaning that a lighter planter would often do better in hotter climates than darker planters. Keeping all of that in mind, here is a list of the most popular planter colors, and why they’re so popular.


Black is a focal point color. The depth of black will pull the eye towards it, much as a bright, bold yellow would. The difference is that the black planter gives off the sleek, modern appeal that many interior designers are leaning towards. Even in a room full of jewel or pastel tones, a touch of black will ground the room and add sophistication, in something as small as a planter! For more character, if it feels like using black in a plain planter shape is too ‘boring’, spice it up with a fun, geometric shape.


White is clean, crisp, and versatile. White accents are perfect in rooms where wall color and other decors already bring bright bold colors into the mix. White will balance these out, while at the same time standing out from the background and making itself seen. A white planter can also be used to draw attention towards focal points of the room, such as a large window, a beautiful fireplace or a quirky painting. While a sleek, white planter fits perfectly into any minimalist modern design, much like with a black planter, a fun shape adds a bit of character to make a splash.


Gray tends to be seen as an ‘industrial’ color – something that’s perfect for anyone looking to decorate in the ever-popular industrial theme. For those that may not want to go quite so far into the industrial territory, gray is still a wonderful decoration color for a variety of reasons! Gray is a neutral color in an entirely different way than white or black. Gray is a color that is used, normally, for cloaking. In rooms that are busy or in rooms that have too much going on, gray planters will detract from the busyness and make it feel calmer than it would without it.


While green is not neutral in terms of color, green is neutral when it comes to planter color. With plants matching the planter, it makes the decor feel more cohesive and flowing – the plant color flows into the planter, and vice versa. In rooms that may be less decorated and more laid back, having everything flow together and having a planter that doesn’t distract or draw attention, gives a very cohesive and gliding aesthetic.


While brown is sometimes considered neutral, it’s neutral in an entirely different way. Brown is a wonderfully warm color, and it brings a sense of home into any room. For those looking to decorate their home in a way that makes it feel welcoming, brown planters are perfect for adding just the slightest touch of comfort. Brown colors also invite people to relax and unwind, making it the best color for areas like living rooms or bedrooms.

With minimalism and clean lines moving into the spotlight and bulk planters in wild colors moving into the background, it makes sense that neutral colors are the most popular. While blacks, whites, and grays may be the most common, that doesn’t mean that a splash of green or a warm brown isn’t also incredibly popular. Jay Scotts offers a host of neutrals perfect for any modern interior, but with sixteen different finish options plus the ability to customize, those looking for bright and bold colors are guaranteed to find them. To see for yourself, take a look at our catalog!

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