Is Office Décor Tax Deductible?

Fiberglass Planters are Great for Business

We’ve harped on about the benefits of fiberglass planters in the past. They are great for incorporating natural plants into the office, they create a great impression on customers and clients, and we’ve shown that going green is great for increasing office morale.

But while all of these points are great for long-term investments, is there any return on investment as a business expense? The short answer is yes.

Is Office Décor Tax Deductible?

office tax deductions Anything that is directly used in your business, by your business, is a tax-deductible expense. As long as you are using the office décor and furniture specifically for a business purpose, then it is going to be a business expense.

That being said, if you work from home, or if you are purchasing the fiberglass planter for use outside of the office, you need to be careful to ensure it is a business ‘specific’ expense.

Are Fiberglass Planters Tax Deductible?

deducting office furniture

Fiberglass Planters, since they count as both décor and furniture, are indeed tax deductible under the rule above. However, you can only use the fiberglass planter as an expense once.

For upkeep and new plants, be sure to keep the receipts because they are also tax-deductible under these clauses.

Once again, if you are going to use the fiberglass planters, you may as well get some return as well.

Jay Scotts

At Jay Scotts, we are always trying to stay on the cutting edge of interior design as well as create the best product on the market for our clients. If you would like to know more about our fiberglass planters or perhaps squeeze in a quick investment before tax season, give us a call. Rush ordering is available if you order more than one!

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