Office Design For Millennials

Millennials and Gen Z are Coming into the WorkPlace

For many office owners, they are preparing for Millenials and Gen Z’ers to enter into their workplace and their office. For many people, there is this looming mystery behind what the people of that generation want and how they operate.

millennial office design While we are not offering a course in psychology, we can show you the common overlap in the design trends that appeal to them and that they seek out.

Millenial Design Trends

Deliberate Design – Millenials, while they do enjoy excess and lavish things, they are also very literal. Most of them were raised when modern housing was around, so they like chairs that are just chairs and desks that aren’t adorned with anything.
Unconventional Layouts – As was covered in our previous blog about current design trends, unconventional layouts and designated ‘zones’ are a big thing in modern and millennial office spaces. This follows in the philosophy of clear and unified design.

“Things should always have a clear purpose, and when you mix a work-oriented area with soft, relaxing colors, it doesn’t vibe well with the overall area.” – Anonymous Interior Designer

Green Incorporation – With the pro-modern upbringing and the grassroots conscientious nature of millennials, most of them advocate for biophilic and green incorporation. They like lots of plants and planters and a ton of different smells. They don’t want to smell dingey fungus when they go to work and having plants can liven up any work place.

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