Office Design Trends for 2018

A new year means there are often changes on the horizon. Whether it is the seasons, fashion, food trends or the latest in all areas of entertainment; it is a good time for something new. The business world is no different and it’s exciting to see what will be implementing to keep their employees happy and healthy.

Modern Office

Recharging Areas- Most people perceive working in a comfortable office as a straight-forward, non-strenuous job.  The reality is far from this idea. With looming deadlines, difficult clients, challenging co-workers and the constant churn of technology, stress and fatigue are a common feeling of many office workers. Different than the conventional break room that serves as an eating area with a large clock on the wall ticking down the lunch hour, a Recharging Area offers employees a more intimate space with hammocks or bean bag chairs for relaxation and meditation. Perhaps an option of soothing music. The goal is simple, create a comfortable space to relax and recharge.

Open Areas- The offices of the past have always been featured as cubicle strewn areas; everyone has their little area. The latest trends reflect a workplace with fewer walls, less division and more open spaces giving a sense of unity and collaboration, instead of separation and isolation.

Unconventional Offices- It is now widely recognized that the physical layout and décor of office workspace influences a worker’s state of mind.  Aesthetic designs for work space, décor and furniture have begun incorporating form and function with one example being the stand -up desk that is both ergonomic and stylish. Unique areas, such as corridors, nooks, and crannies and open space under a stairwell now serve as workspace. Technology has infiltrated the workplace and the office is often where we go, not necessarily the place we go.Modern office space

Variety- Keeping employees inspired, creative and productive means out with the stale and antiseptic and in with the office design renaissance. Look for less conventional meeting rooms and office cubicles and expect a more “work casual” vibe for 2018. In what is becoming common practice, including biophilic designs reinforces the connection between humans and nature. This may be accomplished through natural lighting, bringing in plant life and the use of natural materials for flooring such as wood

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