Our Top 5 Plants for Your Winter Office

Winter is upon us. Some see it as dark and dreary, but we see an opportunity to turn your office into a garden oasis. Live plants revitalize any area. While all plants add to our quality of life, some plants are better adapted to inside climates.

The Lily Family

Needing little care – watering only when soil is dry, and requiring low to medium sunlight, the Peace Lily is a great way to add warmth to your office. Surround yourself in it’s tranquility and it’s air cleaning quality that NASA touts as the best air purifier available in plant form. With long winters in close quarters and little access to naturally fresh air, The Peace Lily is a great alternative when opening a window or door just isn’t feasible. The Peace Lily can grow to 5 feet. Make sure your space can handle the growth.

Another type of lily that thrives inside in winter is the Easter Lily which can grow up to 4 feet tall. Keep the size in mind as you select a planter. Perennials that come back every year, Easter Lilies grow from bulbs in the soil that create a shallow root base. Because of it’s potential size, however, larger planters are suggested for any lily plant.

Pair the lilies of your choice in the Alzira Round Planter for a great way to provide comfort and style to your work space.

Spider Plant

Our favorite for it’s fabulous color, the Spider Plant is an excellent choice for offices. Also possessing the air purifying qualities of the Peace Lily, it adds to the decor with low coverage for small spaces. The Spider Plant is hearty and loves to show off it’s ability to be neat while not dropping leaves.

The Zebra Plant

So named for it’s zebra like light stripe on a dark green background, the leaf reminds us of a deep jungle safari. This plant loves humidity perhaps from that provided by moist gas heat. A layered garden of Zebra Plants in the Wheeling Narrow Rectangular Planter will provide privacy and vibrant color to your office.

Ornamental Succulents

Not the kind you eat, although there are many good plants to be grown inside that you can, the ornamental succulents are a delightful display of color all winter. Ranging from the purple kale, light green cabbage or ornamental cabbage that comes in a variety of colors, the ornamental succulents are “user friendly” and enjoy temperatures that are typically lower.

The aloe vera plant is a great wintertime indoor plant as well. With thick fleshy bases that retain the water, they require little attention in a dry climate controlled office environment.

The Jade And Snake Plants

The Jade Plant, also known as the “Money Tree”, comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. It is a year-round plant that gives it’s all for your enjoyment. Growing up to 5 feet tall, this plant takes some planning in the beginning to prevent constant care later. Larger planters are best suited for this beauty that will give you a lifetime of color.

The Snake Plant, so named for it’s tall narrow leaf that grows straight from the soil (not on a branch or trunk), is also a variegated colorful plant that can adorn any office environment. Paired in the Santiago Fiberglass planter, it’s hardy nature makes it great for any indoor living or working spaces.

Don’t forget the clients that you serve when designing your space. While most plants offer some air cleaning quality, some are toxic to animals and children. Keep that in mind as you plan your space.

A well planned indoor garden in the perfect container will bring some of nature inside your work space during the long winter months. Before you know it, it will be springtime.

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