Pool Planters Are More Than Decorative Pieces For Resorts Pool Areas

With clever planning, good selection, and inspired setup, any swimming pool can be easily transformed into a tropical paradise. Although using inviting, beautiful greenery has always been the secret to designing perfect pool areas, fiberglass planters provide excellent additions not only for aesthetics but for function as well.

 That is because fiberglass planters aren’t just for decoration. They play an important role in ensuring privacy as well as ease of maintenance of the greenery around outdoor spaces. Here is how our fiberglass resort planters can make a resort pool stand out from the crowd.

Resort Pool Planters Play with Shapes and Sizes

The right selection of modern fiberglass planters can instantly upgrade resort pool areas, regardless of their style, size, and location. As an example, our tall, tapered Strasbourg Modern Round Planters, with their graceful lines and smaller bases sweeping up to wider openings, look both classic and modern. Besides adding timeless beauty to outdoor spaces, these planters can create a unique ambience. 

Additionally, we make available rectangular rail planters, which aren’t only ideal for displaying a wide variety of plants and flowers around pool areas but can also serve different purposes. Having a slim silhouette, these planters can be used to create aesthetic borders along exterior walls and walkways, or to divide large resort pool areas into smaller, more intimate spaces that offer guests the privacy they desire. By combining our tall, tapered planters with rectangular rail planters, you can add a gorgeous but functional touch to resort pools.

Our elegant globe planters, asymmetric tabletop planters, and spiral-shaped planters also deliver some beautiful arrangements when displayed in groups. Complemented with tropical plants and exotic flowers, these planters can give resort pools an upscale, elegant look, while transforming them into the best places for relaxation and entertainment.

When you have a resort pool area to work with, you can afford to go big and play with different resort pool planters shapes and sizes that challenge what the viewer expects to see. Whether the purpose is to define a bold layout for a tropical pool, add a unique twist to a contemporary pool, or combine different elements to match a specific theme, our fiberglass resort planters are ideally shaped and sized to fit the unique personality of any resort.

Fiberglass Planters Are Beautiful and Durable

Intense sunlight, wind-driven debris, rainwater, and the chemicals used in swimming pools can damage planters prematurely. Therefore, choosing high-quality fiberglass resort planters that are built to withstand diverse weather conditions and are suitable for use around pools is imperative in order to weatherproof outdoor decor.

fiberglass planters best

In addition to being available in different sizes, models, and colors that look great around pool area, our well-designed resort pool planters are made of sturdy fiberglass that is maintenance-free, highly durable, and weather resistant. Needless to say, outdoor elements that look their best throughout the year will attract and motivate more guests to stay at a resort, irrespective of the season and weather.

Fiberglass Planters Are Game Changers

By simply combining our resort planters with pool-friendly plants, you’ll have endless outdoor decor options. For instance, using a small tree or a flowering shrub in a red fiberglass planter is a simple yet effective way to fill an empty corner with brilliant color. As well, small groups of tapered planters in various sizes, shapes, and colors can do wonders for resort pool areas. 

fiberglass planters

Potted trees and plants can add interest and elegance to other areas of a resort, such as the main entrance, lobby, and restaurant, and create a welcoming environment for guests.

Because fiberglass planters are lighter than ceramic or concrete planters, they can be easily moved around and placed as needed once filled with soil and plants. This gives you the flexibility to alter outdoor spaces as the seasons change. 

Whether you intend to create a tropical-themed outdoor pool with splashes of colors or complement a modern, minimalist interior, our line of fiberglass planters is a fantastic place to start. If our collection doesn’t include all the planters you need, our custom order program allows you to get a wide variety of planter models that can meet the requirements of any indoor or outdoor space. For more information about our products and services, please contact our friendly professionals today!

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