Planters Versus Flowerbeds For Commercial Use

Running a commercial property requires a lot of upkeep. You have to keep track of all maintenance of the building, needs of the client, and the landscaping. As you plan how to beautify the space, one common decision point is whether to go with planters or flowerbeds. Is one better than the other? What should you be thinking about to make the determination?

The Superiority of the Planter

Flowerbeds certainly have their natural beauty, but planters are usually the better choice for commercial properties. There are a few different reasons for this assertion. First, as a raised bed, they are elevated off the ground. The elevation of the bed is going to allow them protection from those walking by, thus making the plant safe from being trampled.

In addition to the raised design, planters are also simpler to use as decor. You may want to move the planters around to change up the style of a space. With Jay Scott’s lightweight planters, changing up the look of your business is easy!

If you have flowerbeds, you have to go through the process of digging them up, preparing the new space and replanting. Planters are easily rearranged and come in many colors and shapes to choose from.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most difficult things about having plants is trying to keep them healthy. With flowerbeds, you have to account for standing water. Planters allow the soil content to be much more isolated and controlled. With proper drainage holes and feet at the bottom to allow space for drainage as featured on Jay Scott’s, you can avoid overwatering and root rot.

Also, you can water them and know the moisture will reach the plant’s root system, rather than being saturated or sucked up elsewhere in the soil. Planters allow for easier maintenance of your plants all around, making the commercial space more appealing.

Simple Raised Bed Design

Planters have a straightforward and raised bed design to them. Using fiberglass planters has many advantages. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes, beds can be created that are rectangular, square or any other shape.

In addition, height of the planters adds more variation. Creating a unique space for flowers and plants becomes easier with planters. Flowerbeds are more restrictive, making you use a spot where soil exists or they will require you to work the earth. Pulling up weeds, roots, and digging is much harder work than planting in a planter.

Perfect For Any Season

As a commercial business owner, the goal is to flatter your space no matter the season. Spring, summer, winter, or fall, you want to have your plantings reflect the time of year. Planters are great as they make it easy to decorate for the changing seasons.

During the winter you can dress up your planters landscape arrangements with ease for the holidays. You can change out grow pots in the planters to add decor with a holiday flair, or easily change out the types of plants to display in your dressed up planter.

It comes down to flexibility. With planters, you have the opportunity to re-arrange and get the petunias out for summer, violets for spring, or whatever else you wish to make your outdoor design complete.

Cost Savings

Planters are going to provide cost savings to you as a commercial business owner. Using fiberglass planters over flower beds provides an easy transition from one season to the next, Maintenance of the planters is also less expensive than flower beds.

Planters or flowerbeds for your commercial business space is an easy decision. Flowerbeds can be hard to maintain and even more challenging to create in the first place. Planters give you the ability to beautify and put plants anywhere.

It could be in a hotel lobby, around an outdoor pool or dining area, wherever they are needed. Planters are an excellent idea for commercial business owners, of any magnitude. Go ahead and grab your creative hat and start thinking about the various commercial planters you could use at your business.

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