Do Plants Make You More Productive?

Plants and Sunshine raise Office Morale.

We’ve mentioned before in previous blog posts that plants and sunshine will, of course, raise office morale and make everyone happier. But while they may affect the collective, how do plants make the individuals more productive?

Ultimately it has two do with psychology. It has to do with the mental weight of caring for a plant as well as the refreshing effects that plants have on your psyche through their natural processes.

How do Workplace Plants Make you More Productive?

plants make you productivePlants make you more responsible, they make you feel better by their natural chemicals, and they are also visually stimulating.


Creating a manageable responsibility in people can be rallying. If you begin incorporating basic elements of taking care of something, it can make you more focused and driven during your work.

Positive Chemicals

Additionally, plants release powerful endorphins and chemicals that make it much more enjoyable to be around them. Our bodies naturally have a synchronous relationship with plants and our bodies positively feed off each other through simple respiration.

Visual Stimuli

buy office plantersFinally, plants are beautiful to look at. If you find a plant that you like and enjoy staring at, it can create a positive effect on your psyche. You enjoy looking at something because it makes you feel good, so keeping a plant that you like in the office will help make you feel better about being there.

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