Relaxation As Part of the Interiorscape Design Is a Must for Most Businesses


Interiorscaping is the art of creating a gorgeous landscape full of lush green plants indoors. Any indoor space can be transformed by interiorscaping, bringing a sense of pleasant design and natural beauty together. At the heart of this philosophy is a focus on the concept of relaxation. Businesses rely on interiorscape designs to help their clients feel relaxed and to break up the look of a sterile office environment. The right interiorscape can have a profound impact on any lobby, conference room or other business space.

How Plants Contribute to Relaxation

There is a good reason for why we believe living plants help customers and clients of all types to relax in a business environment. They help the atmosphere of any room feel more natural and less stagnant. With your choice of colorful planters, you can break up your office space with splashes of color. Living plants fill the room with fresh oxygen and fresh scents, doing away with the dusty air of many lobbies. In addition, they provide points of bold color that stand out from blank walls and hotel art. Plants also have an innate ability to buffer sound and create natural barriers between areas of your business by creating a screen. This can help reduce the amount of commotion that goes on in any given part of your business. Taller plants with larger planters can help block some of the harsh lighting that tends to permeate business environments, making the room feel more comfortable and welcoming as well. All of these are ways that plants enhance the feeling of relaxation in a space all on their own.

Why Your Business Should Be Considering a Custom Interiorscape

There are several reasons that businesses should be investing in interiorscaping as a serious means of creating a relaxing work environment. It has a positive impact on both employees and clients. For instance, a great interiorscaping can help reduce stress for your employees throughout the day, and encourage them to find a space that helps drive their creativity and productivity. This means that you will be getting better work out of them. Plus, since live plants contribute to better indoor air quality, you can also ensure that your employees are getting sick less often, which also boosts your productivity. It’s a win-win situation.

On the other hand, customers who find themselves in a relaxing environment are more likely to spend money, will typically spend more in each transaction and will be more likely to leave a positive review of your company. None of this is a surprise, because blank walls and stark bright lights only add to customer discomfort and awareness that time is passing slowly. In doctors offices and other business environments, you want to sooth the client, not make them more aware that you’re running behind. Even in retail environments, the soothing nature of an interiorscape encourages customers to walk slower, take more time looking, and really enjoy their time with you.

Planning Your Interiorscape

An interiorscape can take on nearly any shape or style you like. While the internet is full of million dollar ideas, businesses of any size can incorporate an interiorscape into their space. This is easily done with the help of smaller fiberglass planters that give your plants a defined space to live within. These planters are easy to maintain and are highly durable to withstand the wear and tear your customers might bring. You can add a variety of different planters throughout your business to create warmth and balance. You can also create intricate designs out of multiple planters, or place them together to form wall-like dividers.

If you are ready to add an interiorscape to your business, visit Jay Scott’s today. Our team can suggest planters for any situation. We also recommend consulting an interiorscaping company for your design, plant selection as well as plant care and maintenance to maximize the relaxing vibes of your space based on size and traffic levels.

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Planter Arrangement Cheat Sheets

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