Round Planters: What They Can Do for Your Interior Space

The decorative items characterized by organic shapes, together with eco-friendly design concepts, artistic furniture, interesting botanical designs—which range from floral prints to artificial and live plants—and soft, tranquil color palettes, can bring us closer to nature. For instance, the Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue, can evoke feelings of calm, comfort, and consistency, while enhancing the naturalness of design elements with curved lines and round edges.

If you intend to introduce some beautifully curved elements in your interior space design, our round fiberglass planters are some of the best decorative items to create a trendy atmosphere for your guests or customers. Here are just a few ways you can use our round planters to lend a modern, refined vibe to your commercial property.

Leanne Ford: “You Will Start to Notice Plenty of

Arches in Furniture and Home Design” 

According to interior designer Leanne Ford, decorative items with curved lines and round shapes will define the interior design trends this year. Surrounded by soft, soothing shades, round shapes can add warmth to an interior space. A commercial property that builds its interior design around curved design elements and soft color palettes will be able to offer its guests or customers a tranquil, relaxing ambiance.

As the construction of round fiberglass planters is based on circular structures, these plant containers are indirect reflections of eternity, which has no beginning or end—just like a circle. It is for this reason most decorators and interiorscapers use round planters to evoke feelings of continuity, completeness, and unity, as well as a subtle sense of movement. With their beautiful, graceful curves, round planters can also be used to suggest sensuality and harmony.

If you have a monochromatic interior design scheme, for example, the allure of our Bara Jar Fiberglass Planter can be successfully combined with a metallic color, like metallic bronze or metallic silver, to fill your space with strong yet elegant contrast. As well, you could use the Alicante Ribbed Round Fiberglass Planter in a bright shade to create a bold color palette that will lend distinction to any modern interior.

Round Fiberglass Planters Provide a Synthesis of Styles 

Using soft, curved lines in interior decor is a great design strategy to soften sharp edges and corners. Although the possibilities of using round shapes and curves are endless, elegant round planters placed sparingly throughout an area could work as eye-catching features that combine softness and strength. If chosen well, round fiberglass planters, like the Tegel Round Fiberglass Planter or Shanghai Fishbowl Round Fiberglass Planter, can boost the curb appeal of your commercial property, making even the most sterile space appear approachable.

Both symmetrical and asymmetrical round fiberglass planters can be used not only to evoke certain feelings but also to provoke. They provoke us to go beyond perfectly round forms, encouraging us to include in our interior design schemes a wide variety of curved shapes, ranging from ovals, arches, cylinders, and ellipses to egg shapes. One product that reflects this idea is our Spiral Modern Fiberglass Planter—a piece that playfully combines modern sophistication with a surprising sense of coziness. Also, round tapered fiberglass planters, like the Saint Tropez Round Bullet Fiberglass Planter and Lisbon Tall Round Tapered Planter, are excellent choices for creating fluid interior design schemes.

Round Planters Create Perfect Contrast To Design

Providing a remarkable contrast when placed against square- or rectangular-shaped elements, round fiberglass planters can have a dramatic impact on your interior design scheme. As an example, placing a 30-inch-tall Corry Cylinder Fiberglass Planter in front of a 42-inch-tall Hong Kong Tall Square Planter in different locations throughout your commercial space allows you to create interesting layers of decorative items.

What’s more, using interior design ideas brought to life by famous designers, like Lee Radziwill and Gloria Vanderbilt, you can create a truly spectacular, stylish interior. All you need to do is cover your commercial space in the same print from floor to ceiling, and then enhance your design scheme with round fiberglass planters in complementary or contrasting colors.

With bold designs and beautiful finishes, our round fiberglass planters have become indispensable elements, which can soften the straight lines and boxy shapes of most modern buildings or, on the contrary, can perfectly complement organic design projects. Whether you prefer a rich, dark, or a light shade, you can use any of our round fiberglass planters to tie your interior and exterior spaces together in a truly fashionable way.

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