Sleek Elegance is What Interior Landscapers Look for In a Container


When it comes to planning an interior landscape, there is nothing more important than the size and shape of the containers you are working with. Your containers define the available planting space, but also serve as the pedestal upon which your plants will be displayed. Ideally, your planters will make the most of the space available with an elegant touch that enhances the natural beauty of the plants and flowers inside.

Why Choose Elegant Fiberglass Planters?

Any suitably large fiberglass planter installation is sure to make a bold impact on your room. Even small planters spread throughout a commercial space can help your guests feel more welcome. Choosing interior planters has specific considerations in that the space has definite boundaries, and the planter must fit well within the design of the room. If not, it will begin to look cluttered and cramped with planters placed sporadically around. By carefully selecting fiberglass planter designs that add a touch of elegance, you can lift the ambiance of the room all around. You must also be sure that the design of the planters you choose tie into the rest of your interior decor, either by color scheme or theme. Otherwise, your planters will look very out of place in their environment.

Types of Elegant Fiberglass Planter Designs

Long Lines

One of the many traits that add elegance to a space is long, sleek lines. Many planters designed for interior landscapes are meant to follow the lines of the building with simplicity as a core focus. These planters tend to feature modern color schemes like metallics or plain black to create contrast. The longer the lines are, the more spacious the planter appears.

Whimsical Twists

Another common theme these days is planters with a gentle twist in the body. This gives the planter a little bit of a free-form appearance and adds to the gentle elegance of the plants inside. These planters look a little less formal, but more in tune with an artsy background. These types of planters also look great when clustered together in a variety of sizes because the twists and turns create their own unique depth.

Traditional Styles

If you are wanting to create a themed room in your space, there is nothing more perfect than a beautiful container garden. Garden containers can create a strong visual link to a particular time period or culture. For instance, fiberglass planters finished in warm rustic colors bring to mind the style of traditional Spanish designs. Likewise, fine Italian art styles can easily be imitated with tall, graceful and shapely planters that add a touch of old-world elegance. The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing completely custom fiberglass planters.

Tabletop Planters

In dining and meeting areas, there are still ways to incorporate elegant planters without having to go over the top. Delicate tabletop planters can add a bright splash of color as a focal point. These planters tend to be lightweight and easy to change up for different seasons and events. They can also be placed around the edges of the room, or even mounted on the wall for a more permanent application. Don’t underestimate the power of small planters to transform you rooms.

With elegant planters from Jay Scotts, you can completely overhaul your space in no time. These containers are built with simplicity in mind so you will have less maintenance to do to keep your plants alive and well. You can find a wide range of styles and colors to fit any theme you like, and you can even add a custom order if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog. Visit us today to see more.

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