Tips for Creating a Successful Terrace Garden for Your Client

Tips for creating a successful terrace garden for your clientTerrace spaces are coveted – and for a good reason! They are a commodity, something that not very many people have, but something that many people crave. Especially in cities, terrace spaces can be a wonderful place to relax and find solitude from the hustle and bustle but still enjoy the comfort of a home setting.

What can make a terrace space amazing is the ability to turn them into a beautiful garden sanctuary that can provide some greenery and pops of color to take a boring space to something entirely next level. While it can be slightly tricky to perfect, we at Jay Scotts have put together some tips and tricks for putting together the perfect terrace garden for your client.

Plant Types

Terrace plants need to be resilient, just like any other outdoor plant! With mostly direct sunlight exposure, it is important to pick plants that will not wilt or dry up when exposed to sunlight for hours every single day. It is vital to do that kind of research before plants are purchased to make sure that they will be perfect for the kind of outdoor exposure they’re going to face.

The plants that survive this best are plants with tap roots, plants with furry leaves, and succulents! Tap root plants are plants that store moisture in their roots, ensuring that they keep themselves moisturized even when the weather isn’t helping them. Plants with furry or silver leaves, tend to allow for slower evaporation from their leaves. These are perfect for drier areas! Succulents are, of course, plants that lock moisture in their leaves and are known to survive in hard conditions.

Veggie Gardens

Small veggies are the perfect thing to grow in a vegetable garden! Picking hearty, low maintenance plants means that clients will be allowed to see the fruits of their labors with just a few minutes of work a day. Starting off with tomatoes or cucumbers is best, since they are very easy to maintain, but it could even be added onto with okra, eggplants, or chilies later on.

Flower Gardens

Annuals are the perfect option for terrace flower gardens. While some more resilient plants can be added in with them to guarantee some greenery all year long, annuals can be very low maintenance, especially if they’re similar to hyacinths or tulip bulbs. For more adventurous flowers, hibiscus or roses make a perfect addition.

Variety Gardens

For different types of variety gardens, the options are endless! Putting together a wonderful succulent garden can be done in both drying and well-drained conditions, as well as in full sun. Aloe vera and cacti require the least amount of attention, but they’re also the most popular and very easy to find.

Herbs can be a wonderful addition to any garden, especially when a client is looking for something to give them a reward and not something as decoration. Herbs that thrive in the kind of direct sunlight that most terraces offer are thyme, rosemary, sage, and lavender. There are even other alternatives such as mint and lemongrass that do not require much attention watering!

For something a little different, try dwarf trees or vines. While it may seem that trees will take up far too much space, it is important to make sure that you find what fits the space the terrace has to offer you. You may be surprised!


Picking the perfect planter is an important step to making a wonderful terrace garden. Measure and analyze the space available and determine how to make the most of that space. Is it better to put in large rectangular planters, and start a veggie garden? Or is it better to have an artistically scattered garden in small planters throughout the terrace? For either option, Jay Scotts has the perfect planter to make putting the final touches on your terrace garden a breeze.

With Jay Scotts planters, any terrace garden is going to be the best that it can be. With durable, weatherproof planters in wonderful color shades that will absolutely match any gardening style, creating the ideal terrace for any client can be accomplished with as little headache as possible.

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