Top Five Ways to Make your Office more Chic

What is Chic?

Chic is best personified in the example of the fashion industry. There is a lot of loud character choices in the chic style while also being uniform and business approachable.

chic plantersAlmost everything you’ve seen in the Devil wears Prada will be chic. From the fashion to the neat and organized offices in the movie. A great starting point will be examining that movie again and capturing those designs, and while you’re at it, Meryl Streeps pursed lips.

How to make your office Chic

Glamour and Font – Gold Font, white background. Pictures from inspirational photos such as “Keep calm and Prada” to a simple gold plated “hustle” are the kinds of ways you can add a bunch of pep to an office.

Uniform and Styled – Even if you have bundles of things like paperclips or tacks, they are neatly stored in a bowl, and your binders and folders are assembled like soldiers on a shelf.

Pink, Gold and White – The top three colors for any Chic décor is pink, gold, and white. You want to incorporate the Gold and Pink as accent pieces while employing heavy amounts of white space.

chic interior designGreen or Black – Zen is in right now. Whether you want to incorporate a planter in the corner of the office or bring a zen garden to your desk in the form of a small rock garden, something has to break the mold.

Stop Trying – When all is said and done and over. Don’t make it look like you exerted any effort at all. The best way to look chic is to be chic, and it’s something that’s a part of you.

Jay Scotts

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