Top Reasons Landscapers Look For Durability In Their Designs

Landscapers Looks for Durability in Their Designs

Landscape design is a growing industry.  IBIS World estimates that there are over 500,000 landscape businesses in the U.S. employing over 1 million people. That’s a lot of competition in the market. As with any type of service business, while some will come and go, those that stay and are profitable are the ones with quality products and services. Fiberglass planters in the design of landscaping could ensure you are one of the ones that stay profitable and gain a reputation of quality services that homeowners and businesses look for.

Why Fiberglass in Landscape Design?

Not all landscaping projects are just about permanent plants. Some uniquely designed projects offer plants that can easily be moved. Even trees like the Japanese Maple and large shrubs planted in fiberglass planters can be moved. The manufacturing process of Jay Scotts Collection of planters uses high-quality fiberglass. The planters are then coated with several layers of automotive paint which provide UV protection from long days in the sun, as well as making them resistant to dings, dents and frost.

The quality control by craftsmen with Jay Scotts Collection is top of the line. Each piece is inspected at multiple levels to ensure their value and durability will last a lifetime.

How Quality Fiberglass Planters Can Help Build Your Customer Base

In building a loyal customer base, durability in the products you provide is imperative. Ideally, landscapers would want to design, set up and install. From that point, the finished product should require little maintenance to retain its beauty and provide long term income for the landscaper. Besides the appeal that live plants provide, homeowners and business owners want the ease of maintenance in their landscaping. Fiberglass planters offer a unique design element to indoor and outdoor landscaping while requiring little care.


But even landscaping needs periodic updating and refreshing to provide a new look. Lightweight fiberglass planters allow for easy moving of plants to a different location giving a new look and feel without costs. Other poorly constructed fiberglass planters on the market can’t offer the same advantage.

Choices, Choices, Choices!

Different types of plants require different amounts of water in the soil. Adequate draining of plants is important in a maintenance-free design. With the option of different size and quantity of drain holes in planters, any type of plant or tree can be installed. This opens up plenty of possibilities of style in the design process. Giving homeowners several choices of size, color, and style of fiberglass planters will help secure a client and provide for customer retention for years to come.

And style and design, we have! Take a look at the many options available to professional landscapers. Hardscape designers can also benefit from some added color and style. For a most unique product, use all three elements in your design – landscape, hardscape and fiberglass planters. The finished product will be the most striking and appealing showcase of your talent.

Since our fiberglass planters are rugged and durable, future maintenance is minimal. This encourages happy customers that not only use you for their future landscaping projects but also recommend you to others across the board!

When it comes to landscape design, you are not limited to what can grow in the ground. The versatility and durability of quality fiberglass planters will add character and style that will set you apart from other landscapers. Simply by adding this one element to your overall design can ensure you are one of the landscapers that will be around for a long time.

For a distributor to help you explore the many options of fiberglass planters, check out our list of distributors.

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