Our Top Ways of Going Green!

What is Going Green?

Going Green is all about becoming more ecologically responsible and being more environmentally friendly. This can be anything, from volunteering to plant trees or pick up ocean trash to investing in solar technology and electric cars.

Going green can reduce emissions and increase productivity

Not only is going green a great way to affect the world around you in a positive light personally, but it is also a great way to unite your office and make it more productive. Going green can reduce emissions, it often leads to higher levels of productivity, and it can make your office a friendlier place all around.

But some businesses have trouble finding out how to go green, which is why we’ve made this blog about our top four ways of going green.

How your Office can Go Green!

interior decorating trends

Going Greenery! – One of the easiest ways to go green just so happens to be trending right now. Greenery is the official color of the year by Pantone magazine which is the leading authority on color theory and interior design. Going green can bring your business up to date on the latest trends, read more about how to choose a planter color based on color theory here.

Outside In – Many people are doing what is known as the ‘outside in’ method, which is where they bring plants from the outside and set them up around the office. This can be anything from lining the outer windows with potted plants to ensuring every worker has a plant to take care of! You can read more about outside in here.

Biophilic – Biophilia is perhaps the largest undertaking you can have for going green. Biophilic design seamlessly integrates the office with the outdoors. This means that you will be implementing plants and pots in your walls, in your floor and seamlessly grow it in the very building itself. You can read more about biophilic design here.

Jay Scotts

No matter how much you invest, going green is a fantastic way to make your office more eco-conscious. This investment affects businesses you work with and employees who work with you. We are advocates for going green and encourage everyone to take charge in their office and be a force for change!

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