What’s The Difference Between a Fiberglass Planter And A Plastic Planter

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Fiberglass Planters Vs. Plastic Planters

Fiberglass and plastic planters have one thing in common: lightweight. But that’s where the similarities stop. The differences are many. As you will see, quality is the number one difference in the Jay Scotts Collection of fiberglass planters.


Jay Scotts Collection has refined the process of constructing fiberglass planters. We use the highest grade materials and quality construction making Jay Scotts fiberglass planters a purchase that will last a lifetime.

Fiberglass planters are fade-resistant and will not splinter, break or fade when exposed to extreme temperatures. Rotationally molded plastic planters, on the other hand, do not fare well and will fade, become brittle and often crack.
The final steps of our manufacturing processes include the application of high-quality automotive paint with UV protection. Once the topcoat has cured, the planters go through a final quality control inspection before each piece is ready to ship. While other fiberglass products are on the market, none have the same attention to detail as Jay Scotts Collection. Quality sets Jay Scotts apart from other fiberglass planters in the market.


With a light cleaning or a periodic dusting, the fiberglass planters hold their luster, texture and shine for the life of the planter. A simple cleaning solution of mild soap and water will clean away any debris that may occur from watering, mold and mildew, dropping leaves and environmental dust and dirt. Never use harsh chemicals on your planters. For an additional layer of protection, use a high quality marine wax every six months. That will add a glossy finish as well. Sturdy, lightweight and easy to move, fiberglass planters make a better choice over thin flimsy plastics any day.

Indoor or Outdoor Use:

Fiberglass planters can be ordered in colors to match your decor – inside or out.  You won’t get that option with plastic planters. Even if you try to paint the plastic, the paint will peel almost immediately. Shabby-Chic plastic is never a good look in a luxury design for a high-end home, office or commercial space. In addition to 18 standard colors, custom colors are available in our Jay Scotts Catalog.The versatility of the planters allows for many design features. For unique designs and a fresh look throughout the years, planters used indoor this year can easily be used outdoor next year. The beauty of the planter will add to the beauty of the plant it contains.

Growing Herbs & Vegetables:

It’s important to know the material you’re using to grow anything you’ll be consuming. Plastic is especially known to have harmful contaminants that can affect your health. Studies have shown that some plastics can release dangerous chemicals into the soil you’re using to grow your plants – especially if they’re able to heat up, like in the hot sun. In turn, the toxic chemicals can end up being ingested.

In addition, Fiberglass planters retain their shape throughout the life of the planter. As roots grow, plastic planters can bulge under the weight of the contents giving extra weight to one side or the other. This can cause the planter to topple and fall…taking your plant down with it. Like Chabby-Chic plastic, plants and potting soil on the floor is never a good design idea.

Our manufacturing processes and designs are a labor-intensive process that we are proud to provide. It ensures each piece is held to extremely high standards providing for a lifetime of beauty and style in your selection. Can anyone say that about plastic? 

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