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Jay Scotts Collection provides beautifully crafted fiberglass planters for establishments who value quality. The success that we enjoy today began in 2004 in South Florida, where a group of friends came together and opened a small chain of specialty boutiques. Selling primarily to a residential crowd, and offering silk plants and flowers, accessories, and the like in addition to planters. As the business grew our focus shifted from the residential market to hospitality and commercial projects resulting in larger projects nationwide and internationally.

In 2010 we embarked on the mission to rebrand to support our wholesale operations with an emphasis on meeting the needs of a diverse group of professionals. We wanted to serve both high-end residential and commercial customers for indoor and outdoor projects focusing on our Fiberglass containers. As a result, the Jay Scotts Collection was born!

When browsing our website or catalog, you may notice the interesting names of our planters. You may even notice they are named after cities around the world. That’s because each planter in named after a place one of our team members have visited! Each planter is inspired by the cityscape and ambiance of each place that has left an impression on us. Let’s take a look at a few of our memorable planters here:


Badalona is a coastal town located just outside Barcelona, on the other side of the Besòs river that shoots out into the Mediterranean. Smaller than Barcelona, with a relaxed atmosphere to match, this vibrant town has plenty of culture and charm to enjoy. This is the name chosen for this fiberglass planter box. It’s perfect size and shape for window planting, either to take advantage of a sunny window or to cultivate herbs or flowers in an urban atmosphere when outdoor planting is not an option.

However, because the Badalona planter is made out of our fiberglass resin, they are great for outdoor use as well! These rectangle planters are good for lining walkways or creating barriers in your garden or patio spaces. 


The Tiergarden planter is named after Tiergarten Park in Berlin, Germany. The expansive Tiergarten is the oldest public park in Berlin. It is situated in the center of the city and boasts a large number of sights, including plenty of statues, memorials and even a palace!

This planter sits securely on rails to add class to any balcony space! You can turn any balcony urban environment into a beautiful garden like Tiergarten! Available for indoor and outdoor spaces, and it comes in a variety of colors, it’s the perfect accent for commercial or industrial spaces.


Strasbourg is situated on the eastern border of France with Germany. This border is formed by the Rhine, which also forms the eastern border of the modern city, facing across the river to the German town Kehl. France is a country that focuses on beauty in its language, food, fashion, art and architecture. It is really something, that Strasbourg stands out for… its beauty. The saying is that Strasbourg is a wonderful French town with a German accent.

Featuring a tapered body that delivers a space-saving base and smooth edges that tie everything together, the Strasbourg round modern planter is quite striking. The inverted taper is a shape that you don’t often see, but our designers have determined a way to make these decorative planters sturdy, functional and easy to use. With all kinds of colors to choose from, this resilient and unique planter will give a touch of beauty to any indoor or outdoor space.


Alzira is a town in Valencia. The typically mild and temperate Mediterranean climate means the inhabitants of Alzira are able to celebrate numerous festivals, so visiting here is a blast during these times! These large bowl planters have a smooth, rounded base and a deep interior cavity for plants that need more root space. This planter is very versatile! It can be used as an indoor or outdoor planter, just like our other fiberglass planters, but it’s shape makes it a great accent for any space!

Attached to every fiberglass planter we make, there’s a story. Now Jay Scotts Collection has become a leading wholesale manufacturer/supplier of fiberglass commercial and residential planters. Handmade by skilled craftsmen and women using the highest quality materials in a state-of-the-art facility. Jay Scotts Collection has won recognition for quality, service and timely deliveries. Owning one of these planters and thinking of it’s conception is enough to give anyone wanderlust!

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