When It Is Best To Use Smaller Planters in Your Design

When decorating a commercial space, determining whether or not potted plants should be part of the design is never an issue. The issue, in this case, is establishing which plants and planters are more appropriate for each area. The consensus is clear: plants in stylish fiberglass planters can add instant life and beauty to any commercial property.

When it comes to good design, smaller fiberglass planters are a blessing. That’s because they deliver some great design elements that can be used to bring small patches of outdoors inside and turn commercial spaces into serene sanctuaries for customers. However, using smaller planters throughout commercial properties can be trickier than it may seem. 

When trying to boost a business’s curb appeal with smaller fiberglass containers, all you need are some great ideas and advice from experts to get it right the first time. Whether you intend to create a contemporary interior, a traditional, timeless look or a rustic feel, here are a few suggestions about how to use smaller fiberglass planters in a commercial setting.

Go Big with Smaller Fiberglass Planters

In general, smaller fiberglass containers are excellent additions to small areas, where large planters cannot be used due to space restrictions. However, space restrictions should never stop you from creating an abundantly green design. In fact, outstanding commercial design schemes for both small and large areas can be developed with the help of smaller fiberglass planters.  

One great idea would be to group together smaller fiberglass planters that are the same color, but have different sizes and shapes, in order to create an interesting cascade effect with a wonderfully lush appearance. For instance, you could pair several white-colored planters, such as an 8-inch-tall Salon Rectangular Fiberglass Planter and a 12-inch Montroy Cube Fiberglass Planter with a 17-inch-tall Kathryn Square Tapered Planter and a 25-inch-tall Lisbon Fiberglass Planter. Then, complement these containers with various flowering plants and greenery for a vivid, dramatic look.  

Another way to use smaller fiberglass planters in your design is to create a miniature living wall. For this, you should arrange low planters, like the Tiergarden Rectangular Rail Fiberglass Planter, in a row next to a wall or trellis, and install plants of various heights in them. An asymmetric living wall delivers an intriguing vertical structure with playful contrasts that could fit any commercial setting.

Use Small Fiberglass Planters as Focal Points

Many interior designers and decorators recommend using one large plant as the centerpiece of a space. But a much more interesting, unique look may be achieved by placing several focal elements throughout an area. As an example, a few exotic flowering plants paired with smaller fiberglass planters in matching colors could make nice additions to neutral spaces, full of natural elements, like stone, wood and simple greenery.

Try to imagine the beauty of several elegant orchids and tillandsia plants, mixed and matched with dwarf varieties of anthuriums, ginger, hibiscus and bromeliads, and planted in smaller fiberglass planters, such as the 12-inch-tall Casablanca Bowl Planter and Lima Tapered Square Fiberglass Planter. Sprinkled around different areas, these flower/planter combos provide a unique way to bring visual interest and liven up dull, lifeless spaces.

Smaller Fiberglass Planters Add a Dash of Sophistication to Dwarf Perennials

Just as a beautiful tree in a massive fiberglass planter looks great when placed in a large area, dwarf plant varieties are perfect additions to smaller fiberglass planters in small spaces. Installed in appropriately small fiberglass containers, such as the 12-inch-tall Tarragona Bowl Planter and 14-inch-tall Shanghai Fishbowl Round Fiberglass Planter, dwarf perennial varieties, like bleeding hearts, lily of the valley, little lanterns columbine, lavender and phlox blue flame, provide extra pops of color that can set off a soft, simplistic color scheme.

No matter where you place them, dwarf flowering perennials paired with smaller, brightly colored fiberglass planters can enliven a room, while making a statement that draws the eye. Besides filling up a space with beautiful colors, dwarf plants in smaller fiberglass containers can be easily moved around to try a new look or to dress up an area for a specific event.

When it comes to brightening up commercial spaces, dwarf plant varieties in smaller fiberglass planters may be the way to go. They are small enough to fit into small spaces, yet big enough to accent an area with instant beauty. So, if a commercial area doesn’t feel complete, either because it has too much empty space or too little green, filling it up with furniture might not be the right choice. A beautiful, extravagant plant in a large container or a gorgeous selection of dwarf flower varieties in smaller fiberglass planters could help you complete the look, while adding a touch of freshness to the overall decor. 

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