Which Designer Planter is Best For an Outdoor Commercial Space?

Outdoor commercial spaces are the perfect avenue for sprucing up your business’s look, drawing attention to your entryway in a wonderful way. Fiberglass planters make the perfect decor for turning the front of your business into a warm and welcoming area.

Sometimes, figuring out what planters to put where can be very confusing. That is why Jay Scotts has put together this guide on what outdoor commercial planters are suitable – and why!

Rectangular planters, cube planters, and artistic planters all offer their own creative spin on a commercial space, and depending on what vibe you’re looking for, each offers its own personality.

Rectangular Planters

Rectangular planters are the perfect planter for an outdoor space. Whether you are using the planter as a way to frame a key element of an outdoor space, or you’re simply looking for something to make management a little easier, rectangular planters are perfect.

With their bigger sizes, it is far easier to put multiple plants in one space instead of needing multiple smaller planters to house all of the plants. Since everything is in one spot, that also makes management easier. With fewer planters to water and clean, especially in a commercial space, that can save a lot of time trying to keep the space looking organized and clean.

Cube Planters

For commercial spaces, often the point is to have an area where people are gathering. The best planter to promote gathering around is a cube shaped planter! While there are many different spaces and styles that a cube-shaped planter would be perfect in, cube planters give off a very industrial vibe.

With industrial and minimalist trends on the rise, these planters are sure to spruce up any outdoor space, making it chic, inviting, and very on-trend! Cube planters are also perfect to group together in a variety of different sizes and color shades to contrast off of each other and draw even more attention.

Artistic Planters

Artistic planters are a wonderful breath of fresh air in any space, but especially outside! Whether the artistic piece of the planter is its color or its shape, there is a lot to consider!

When it comes to color schemes of planters, there are two routes that can be taken. To achieve a minimalist look, it is always better to stick with black, white, or gray colors. These blend in and look incredibly sleek no matter what kind of planter it is!

A pop of color, however, is the perfect way to draw attention to a focal point in an outdoor space and give it a breath of life. While these pops of color can be the perfect way to draw attention, it is important to not make the colors overwhelming and be sure that any furniture in the area matches the colors you are going for.

It is also important, especially in an outdoor space, that the planter is placed somewhere that it can draw attention, but not deter people from being able to stand within the space and feel comfortable.

While every business is different, these few tips and tricks will be sure to help you find the perfect planter for any outdoor commercial space. Jay Scotts has a wide variety of different planter shapes, sizes, and color options sure to fit in with any commercial space’s design scheme. For a look at the full catalog, visit here and pick the perfect designer planter for you. Shopping for planters does not have to be difficult – so customize your outdoor space the way that you want it!

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