Why Add Elegant, Durable Commercial Planters to Your Office Decor

Planters for the Office

If it’s time to reinvent your office space with new decor, it’s time to consider how elegant, durable commercial planters can play a central role in your new office theme. A far cry from the languishing desktop plant, these largescale planters can completely transform your office by adding warmth, color and a hint of the great outdoors. Here are a few reasons many office managers are adding commercial planters to their spaces. 

Raising Morale

The number one reason for bringing live plants and decorative planters into any office space is to boost morale. Several studies have shown that live plants help employees feel more at home in the office, which directly relates to their productivity. Employees are tired of working in dry, clinical and dull office spaces that leave them feeling burnt out and uninspired at the end of the day. Commercial planters can be finished with bright colors, interesting patterns, and elegant designs that add to the artistic and creative environment of your office. 

Minimizing Sick Days

Another hidden benefit of adding commercial planters to any office space is an overall reduction in the number of sick days that your staff takes. Live plants serve many purposes in an office space, but one thing they do really well is purifying the air. This helps reduce the number of bacteria that is spread from one person to the next, and actually makes your employees less likely to get sick. In addition, with the morale-boosting effects of these planters, you will actually find that your employees are less stressed, which improves their overall health and immune system functioning. All of these passive effects of having plants in your office can pay off in a big way. 

Creating a Modern Appeal

As mentioned above, employee expectations for workspaces have changed, and so have client expectations. Can we really blame people? Whether you are inviting clients in for a meeting or conducting your first interview with a qualified job candidate, you want to put your best foot forward. Having an office space that is nicely decorated with colorful planters will help everyone feel at ease, and speaks volumes about the type of business you are running. Those lively planters in the corner promote the idea that you are an upbeat, friendly, and welcoming team. Of course, this only works if you chose durable commercial planters to begin with. You don’t want planters that are cracked, worn down, or faded because they will give the impression of indifference or carelessness. Make sure that you’ve selected high-quality fiberglass planters that will look great for years to come, and require little maintenance. 

Breaking Down Barriers

More offices are switching to an open workflow type environment without all the cubicles and office walls that keep people segregated. This is an admirable endeavor and has shown great results in many environments, but it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes you need a tiny bit of peace and quiet for important meetings or problem-solving sessions. Using commercial planters to build faux walls is a perfect solution that offers a mix of transparency and privacy. When filled with ferns and small palm trees, your planters can work to divide space up, blocking some sound from the open floor, while still maintaining the peaceful atmosphere that you’re working toward. 

Durable commercial planters are a flexible solution to any office decor problem. They can be used in a variety of ways to reimagine your workspace and encourage more collaboration between your teammates. They can also serve to improve health and wellness inside your office, and even prevent illness from spreading. It all starts with a quality designer planter from Jay Scotts that will live up to the hype. 

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