Why Buy Planters?

Are you Debating Purchasing a Planter?

Everyone we know has been in dozens of offices at some point. If you are a business owner or an office manager you know the importance of setting a mood. The top two rated ways of improving the feeling of an office are planters and art installations.

Since we don’t know that much about art installations, we are going to talk to you about why buying planters are ideal in an office setting.

Why You Should Buy Planters

Match Interior Design

One of the top reasons for getting a planter in your office is to match the interior design of the office. With fiberglass planters especially, there are numerous colors that you can choose for optimal blending in your business.

Incorporate Going Green Office Trends

purchasing a planterAdditionally, it is proven that incorporating real plants and daylight into an office gives a boost to morale and productivity. Smelling plants in an office and having a splash of living color have made a recent going green trend blossom in the office design market.

What Kind of Planter Works best for you?

When you decide to get a planter, we suggest you ask yourself the following questions.

What is going inside?

Do you want an artificial or real plant? This drastically changes the size and demands of the planter you are using.

What Size is best?

concrete planterIf you are using artificial plants, you do not need to consider growth and may consider a smaller planter size.If you need  select a real plant, then you might need to consider a sub-irrigation system.

Where will it be located?

If you have a real plant, you will also need to ask yourself the question of where the plant is place and what is the ideal lighting for the plant to thrive? There is a certain upkeep to keeping real plants inside your office.

Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts employs the best practices in the world of fiberglass planters. If you are having problems determining what type of style you would like to use for your business, then you should consider giving us a call or e-mail, and we can help you find the style that is best for you!

Planter Comparison Chart

Planter Comparison Chart

A detailed comparison of Fiberglass Planters with 6 other planter materials. Use the chart to convince your clients!

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