Why Choose a Fiberglass Planter Over a Foam Planter

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Why Choose Fiberglass Planters Over Foam Planters

When it comes to the world of planters, there seems to be a never-ending list of choices to pick from. Each planter type has its own pros and cons, and foam planters are no different. What we’ve done, though, is done all the research for you and put together a list of why fiberglass planters are better than foam planters. There’s a variety of reasons, but we narrowed it down to the four most important: toxic chemical leaching, weather resistance, variety in looks, and sheer durability.

Toxic Chemicals

A big con for foam planters is the presence of toxic chemicals. This can be a bigger concern when the planter is being used for consumable plants, such as tomatoes, but it can apply to any plants! The chemicals that leach out of foam when it is exposed to the elements can quickly ruin the health of a plant and make it harder to keep them alive. Fiberglass planters do not leach any chemicals no matter the temperature, so you can rest assure that consumable plants will stay that way, and other plants will live long healthy lives without harm coming to them from the planter housing them. Not having to replace plants every season can save lots of money in the long run!


When it comes to planters, often its looks are what makes or breaks them. Planters are often used as focal points, whether that is for a living room made for relaxation and enjoyment, or a business that is looking to attract attention and business with its landscaping. The look, shape, and color of a planter is incredibly important, and for good reason! Foam planters are very limited in the shapes that they can be, and the color that they are painted often chips and fades incredibly quickly. Fiberglass planters come in a variety of shapes from rectangular, to round, to fun, adventurous shapes like the Strasbourg Round Modern Planter. All of Jay Scotts planters are available in sixteen fun shades that are sure to fit with any color scheme no matter what it is as well as custom colors to fit your design. The colors are weather resistant and don’t chip or fade over time, meaning that the planters will not have to be replaced every season, if not more than that.


A huge pro to purchasing fiberglass planters is their sheer durability. Fiberglass planters are not easily dented or chipped, which means that gardening in them, or placing them in high traffic areas, can be done without concern of what may happen to them when you aren’t looking. Foam planters are incredibly easy to chip due to the lightweight material that they are made of. Fiberglass planters are also lightweight, but not so susceptible to the daily elements that they will be exposed to. Foam planters can also be susceptible to freeze damage, meaning that they will not be as useful in areas that have harsher winters. Fiberglass planters can last through any season and are not as easily impacted by changes in temperature, whether hor or cold.

For more reasearch on other planter types, feel free to check out the Jay Scotts blog! This blog post in particular, discusses the durability of steel vs fiberglass, has great information about why fiberglass can be the better option. For any other questions or help in picking the perfect fiberglass planter, never hesitate to reach out and contact a Jay Scotts professional. With a full variety of beautiful, colorful planters, there is no home, business, or other establishment that won’t benefit from a high-quality planter that will last. Take a scroll through the full catalog of products today!

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