Why Fiberglass Planters Are Chosen by Commercial Builders

Fiberglass planters are commonly chosen by commercial builders during the design and decoration phases. They offer a number of benefits in commercial buildings that can enhance the experience of visitors as well as employees. Fiberglass planters can also boost the appearance and value of a property when installed and maintained properly. Here are just a few of the benefits that fiberglass planters have to offer for commercial builders:

Fiberglass Planters Provide an Inviting Atmosphere

Every commercial builder wants their building to stand out against the backdrop of the city. Part of this process is decorating the building inside and out to give it an inviting and welcoming feel. Fiberglass planters do just that by bringing color and natural decor into the space, and even providing a clean and clear pathway toward each entrance.

Health Impacts

Not only do fiberglass planters look good, they also help improve the health of people near them. Live plants indoors can improve the air quality of the building and help reduce the amount of pollutants present. They even make the air smell cleaner by creating a more pleasant aroma. Furthermore, living plants absorb some of the light and sound in the space, reducing stress for those who are working inside the building long term. Some studies show that live plants help cut down on the number of missed days by employees each and every year! That means more productivity for your whole team.

Fiberglass Planters Are Simple to Use

Of all the possible decor options available to commercial builders, fiberglass planters are one of the most flexible options available. They are lightweight and durable, and they can be easily moved. Fiberglass planters can be made in a wide range of sizes and shapes to fit any space and theme. In addition, they can also be coated with many different finishes and colors for a custom fit to match the atmosphere of the building. Once they are in place, they can be cleaned in just minutes without complicated chemicals or any special treatments, and they will look good for many years to come. For commercial builders, this means that fiberglass planters are both versatile and cost-effective in the long run while giving any space a modern, high-class look.

Inspiration For Commercial Builders

There is something to be said about the inspiration that we find in nature. With fiberglass planters, builders can add a touch of inspiration as a focal point to any room. Instead of dry, blank office spaces, colorful plants can serve as a gathering point, discussion topic, or simply a place to sit and reflect on problems that are waiting to be solved. A clever builder can place fiberglass planters throughout a building to create points of interest and intrigue that effect to draw people together and help them find new inspiration.

Those are just some of the many benefits offered by fiberglass planters. Commercial builders are wise to invest in these planters because they are so easy to implement and can have long-lasting effects on the overall feel and look of a building. They are perfect for using indoors and outdoors and can tie together any theme with natural beauty. For those seeking fresh inspiration or creative ways to separate rooms and spaces, fiberglass planters are an ideal solution. The best part is that they are easy to maintain and work with so you won’t have to worry about special care instructions or keeping your planters looking great for the long haul.

For more information about commercial grade fiberglass planters, visit Jay Scotts online today and view our full collection of beautiful planter options. Don’t forget that you can custom order planters in any color to fit your design and vision.

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