Why Interiorscapers Keep Fiberglass Planters on Hand for the Holidays

holidays-1The Holiday Begins

It’s almost that time of year – the holidays. Right after October 31st, the planning starts for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Those well organized commercial party planners already have their facilities secured, and, food and party favor ideas ready to go for their clients’ guests. For Interiorscapers, creating a fabulous ambiance goes hand in hand with the guest list.

One way for Interiorscapers to place themselves in this market and build a repeat customer base for year after year of loyal business is to keep Jay Scotts Collection of fiberglass planters on hand during the holidays. Stylish designs will allow Interiorscapers to be a big part of this season for the party planners. Festive colors of reds, greens and whites will always be holiday favorites. Many color options make fiberglass planters a great choice in decor. Keeping them on hand in those traditional colors will allow for pre-booking of your products and services. However, custom colors are also available. Making any commercial establishment more festive for the holidays will help build –  and keep – that customer base.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

Interiorscapers can easily transport high-quality planters because of their unique lightweight and durable design. When placed for display, they can add “good cheer” to any setting. Constructed of fiberglass and painted in UV protective paint, the setup can be done quickly and efficiently. A bright red or green Rio Grande Round Fiberglass planter with a smaller variety of the Juniper Tree – not the one that grows 50 feet tall – will provide for a holiday tree adorned by all throughout the season. The Dwarf Blue Spruce can be shaped to that perfect holiday tree. Coming in a variety of sizes, the Rio Grande Round Planter will address your commercial facility clients’ needs for any holiday occasion.

Businesses rent plants to maintain beautiful interiors in their lobbies, offices and conference rooms. This allows them to concentrate on their businesses while providing custom spaces for their clients and customers. Change over from fall colors to holiday decor during the season will show off the style and quality of products offered by Interiorscapers. Preplanning for the change-out from season to season with fiberglass planters will make the job of the Interiorscapers easy and fun.

Even with our best planning, some last-minute party changes can have the most professional people in full holiday panic. That’s where Interiorscapers can come to the rescue – if they are prepared. Homes and businesses requiring last-minute decor in a hurry can call on the professionals, and if they have great decor to choose from, it’s a win-win.

End of the year banquets and employee appreciation events are other great sources of income for Interiorscapers to tap into during the holidays. Extravagant galas or simple and streamlined ones, the galas will have lots of style and elegance with the Jay Scotts Collection.

Repeat business isn’t just for the holidays, either. Take advantage of the durability and versatility of the products Jay Scotts Collection offers. Many options are available to Interiorscapers throughout the year. With options of texture, style, size, Interiorscapers can be creative in design. But your job isn’t done – at least from an income perspective. Once the season is over, fiberglass planters can be easily cleaned with a simple solution of soap and water. Store them for the next Holiday: Red ones for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patricks Day, and white for all year long.

For a complete selection of products, download a free catalog from Jay Scotts Collection or contact a distributor for more details on how to make your Interiorscape business one for all seasons.

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