Why is Biophilic Design Important For Today’s Designers


Biophilic design is becoming a central tenet of any well-designed building or living space. The concept of biophilic design comes from the original term “biophilia” which referred to a human’s natural love of nature and the outdoors. After all, humans existed in natural environments for thousands and thousands of years before moving into urban centers, and there is plenty of reason to think that this move has left us feeling disconnected from our environment. There are also plenty of health implications with this move as well.

Why Biophilic Design Matters

The concept of biophilic design is becoming increasingly important in modern building and design. After decades of building concrete forests full of steel buildings, it is possible that humans have lost our deep connection with the Earth around us. It is thought that this has caused some significant mental and physical stress as we struggle to cope with the move to an unnatural environment. In fact, the problem is so far-reaching that experts with the World Health Organization are already charting the impact of our environment on both mental health and cardiovascular health. The rapid spread of illnesses in these two categories can be traced directly back to unhealthy work and living environments where we spend long hours in stasis and never fully connect the world around us.

Biophilic design seeks to disrupt this cycle by reintroducing elements of nature into our daily lives. By adding plants and other living matter into workspaces, research has shown that employees will feel more relaxed, lower their blood pressure, breathe cleaner air and so much more. We have strong physiological indicators of success with little more than a carefully thought out biophilic design.

Benefits of Biophilic Design

There are countless benefits to biophilic design that have been documented since the concept first came about. In an office environment, having biophilic elements increases overall well-being measurably by reducing the amount of missed time for both physical illnesses and mental stress. In addition, it has been shown that in-office hours are more productive with biophilic elements in place. In business environments, customers have indicated that they are willing to spend more time and money in locations with biophilic design at their core. This includes spending more money in stores, paying more for hotel rooms, and paying more for meals. There have also been positive results in healthcare facilities where patient recovery time has dropped, and in educational facilities where test results have also improved.

These effects have been achieved thanks to several byproducts of biophilic design. Namely, adding plants into the environment helps control noise levels, improve air quality, reduce glare from unnatural lights, and simply help people feel more at home in the space when they are there over long periods of time.

How Modern Designers are Incorporating Biophilic Design

With the help of designer planters, it is now easier than ever to bring biophilic design into your daily life. Biophilic elements can be used to balance out office environments by breaking up industrial-looking spaces with pops of color. Even if you don’t have room inside, placing plants outside of office windows where employees can see them also has positive health effects. They can be used as natural barriers to section off rooms or to enhance small spaces. In the most successful designs, these living elements also provide a dosage of natural materials, textures, and colors to a space to brighten things up and raise morale. Some of America’s largest corporations are even adding rejuvenating resting spaces where employees can take a break surrounded by nature, giving them time to recharge and settle their minds.

Jay Scotts offers indoor fiberglass planters in a wide range of colors and sizes so you can begin adding biophilic design to your environment in no time. With all of the health benefits that this type of design offers, there is no reason to wait another minute before ordering yours. Download our catalog below to see our full selection of designer planters today.

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