Your Fiberglass Planters Used as Focal Points

Focal points are an important thought when it comes to interior design and landscaping. Highlighting the most important features of a home, garden, or business is what attracts attention and makes the entire design flow, so knowing what pieces to highlight as well as how to highlight them is a huge part of any new design project! Using fiberglass planters as a focal point is something that is easy to do, and it will add flair and elegance to any area. From centerpieces to sightlines and framing, these are the key ways to use a fiberglass planter as a focal point.


Centerpieces are incredibly important. Whether the centerpiece is indoors on a table out outdoors in the middle of a space, a planter as a centerpiece is quick, easy, and very attention-grabbing! In the midst of a flat surface, having something stand out will immediately draw an eye towards it. When using a planter as a centerpiece, especially in the middle of a stretch of grass or gravel in a garden, be sure to decorate around it to make it feel less like something that was just placed in a big open space, and more of a purposeful decoration choice.


Sightlines are very important when it comes to decorating! Sightlines should have a clear, concise endpoint, but oftentimes, that can be difficult to achieve or can end up overlooked in the design process. To fix that and add an endpoint that draws attention and adds a bit of flair, use a fiberglass planter! The planter itself should be eye-grabbing, whether in color or in style, but also blend in with the rest of the design scheme. This will create symmetry and cohesion that will make it look perfectly in place!

Lift Eyes

Often times, there are spaces in a garden or in a home that should be highlighted, but they are higher up! Tall planters will draw an eye up, and placing a planter on a pedestal in a garden will immediately draw eyes upwards! In areas where there may not be much else to look at, or in areas where everything that there is to look at is a similar color, a bright planter or bright plant can break up some of the monotony and create a splash of color that will make a wonderful focal point in an otherwise lackluster space.


Framing is a key part of the design. Whether it is framing a walkway or a window or a bench space in a garden, planters are a fantastic option. Without framing, the focus on this space can be lost and it can fall by the wayside. Fiberglass planters can be a great way to add a bit of color to a focal point that already exists, but making the planter the focal point by framing the planter can be a fun take of the idea! Framing a big planter with multiple smaller planters and playing with different color contrasts can create a focal point where there may not be one.

With sixteen different planter finishes and a variety of shapes and sizes, the opportunities for creating the perfect focal point, or highlighting the perfect focal point, are endless! For more ideas on how to use fiberglass planters in a variety of design scenarios, take a look into the Jay Scotts blog. For a full list of planters, finishes, and all other planter information, check out the Jay Scotts catalog. Fiberglass planters are a quick and easy, but highly elegant, way to draw attention to all of the best parts of a home. Start your new design project in the right way!

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