Your Planters and Your Office Ambiance

2080 hours per year – that is considered full time employment. At that rate, that’s almost a ¼ of your life spent on the job.  And many people spend even more than just the forty hours a week at the office. It’s true, that our offices have become our second homes. It’s the place we spend the most time outside of our residence. But it can, and should be, a place of productivity as well as personal fulfillment for everyone who works there, right?

One way this can be achieved is by making your office environment comfortable and inspiring. Using plants as part of your decor can create a space for you and your staff that will promote originality. Isn’t that the idea regardless of the product or service you provide to your clients? Originality will help set you apart from your competition, along with giving your office family a more feeling of home, while away from home.

Common Areas

Bring some uniformity to the office by installing similar planters but with different types of plants throughout the common areas. Begin at the entrance with your favorite style and color of fiberglass planters.  At each common area within the office, bring that same style and color to create a cohesive look. A well planned lay out of the office, including furniture, art and plants will make employees feel appreciated. Of course, there is the added benefit of confidence when consistency and attention to detail are present in making an impression on clients that visit your office. Their first impression of your product or service is reflected in your style and presentation. Give your workspace the ambiance it deserves, as well as your office family.

A careful selection of plants for your planters will be important. Perhaps this could be a fun work assignment for employees to be creative and feel appreciated. Evaluate your lighting, especially sunlight, to determine the best live plants for your space. A lot of plants thrive on artificial light where others would not.

Individual Spaces

Planters like the Amesbury Narrow Rectangular Planter can be used to divide open areas to create individual work spaces without it feeling like a cubicle. Several varieties of bamboo grow well in planters and can take advantage of higher ceilings. This is a great way to subdivide large spaces into smaller work areas, and give a tropical feel to your office. Reward your employees with redesigned space from time to time. It will keep them engaged and refreshed.

Because of their unique design and quality construction, fiberglass planters can easily be moved to redesign your office. This method of dividing will provide lots of opportunity for redistributing space as your business grows. One fabulous look that will add ambiance to any office would be to build “tiered” walls of plants to create a focal point while dividing space into unique areas for teams or individual private work spaces. As you grow your business, moving the lightweight and durable planters will continue to make the very best use of available space. Office design will be one thing you can check off your To-Do List.

Lounge Area

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Create a quiet space in a lounge area with comfortable furniture where employees can rejuvenate in their thoughts and channel the creativity into goals that have been set. This space can also be used with clients. Bring your style and color in here as well with the River Rock Planter for a very unique design and conversation piece.

Conference Room

The drab conference room doesn’t have to be that way. Spruce it up with Golden Pothos in a Kathryn Square Tapered Planter in the color of your choice. Place it next to windows for it to flourish in that environment. For a more dramatic appeal, place the taller bamboo in the Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter around display monitors to soften the hard lines and give the eyes a place to rest during long presentations and meetings.

Of course these are only suggestions. For a complete photo gallery of Jay Scotts Collection, visit one of our distributors and get creative with your design.

After all, if you must be at work, make it the very best.

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