Marseille Round Fiberglass Bowl Planter

SKU: 69795

Meet our Marseille bowl planter. Featuring a smoothly rounded body that tapers down to a raised base, this half sphere planter offers the perfect display for both formal and casual settings when filled with plants, flowers, succulents or other greenery. The versatile shape allows you to use these large planter bowls for decorating either home residences or corporate establishments. Grab a few to dot the border of your building, place a couple of the large pots along entryways, arrange them on your veranda or set some up around an outdoor deck.

Unlike galvanized metal planters, these commercial indoor/outdoor planters are lightweight, rust-proof and easy to maintain. This is because we make these patio pots out of a top quality fiberglass that makes them strong enough to uphold through all four seasons and lightweight enough for you to move them when needed.

As with most of the other bowl planters that we offer, the Marseille is available in all of our signature color finishes. The matte black planters are unmistakably elegant, the glossy white planters exude a certain chic sophistication and metallic planters are key to adding a touch of modern pizzazz to any indoor or outdoor space.

Pdf Specification Sheet
  • BRZ Metallic Bronze
  • GEG Gloss Eggplant
  • GRD Glossy Red
  • GSF Gloss Saffron
  • GTG Gloss Tangerine
  • GWH Gloss White
  • MBK Matte Black
  • MBZ Matte Bronze
  • MCB Matte Cobalt Blue
  • MCH Matte Charcoal
  • MDB Matte Brown
  • MGM Matte Gun Metal
  • MTC Matte Terracotta
  • MWH Matte White
  • SBE Satin Beige
  • SGR Satin Green
  • SLV Metallic Silver
  • SSG Satin Sea Foam

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Finish Colors

BRZ Metallic Bronze, GEG Gloss Eggplant, GRD Glossy Red, GSF Gloss Saffron, GTG Gloss Tangerine, GWH Gloss White, MBK Matte Black, MBZ Matte Bronze, MCB Matte Cobalt Blue, MCH Matte Charcoal, MDB Matte Brown, MGM Matte Gun Metal, MTC Matte Terracotta, MWH Matte White, SBE Satin Beige, SGR Satin Green, SLV Metallic Silver, SSG Satin Sea Foam