Mataro Table Top Round Fiberglass Planter

SKU: 69531

The Mataro Round Vessel is unique in that it is much shorter than most planters. The short sides allow for a larger visual field and a more versatile planting space. These round planters can easily accommodate 4” or 6” nursery pots respectively and can be filled with interesting textures, shapes, and colors, or perhaps items from a garden, a collection of rocks or a selection of succulents. Line the planter with a unique cloth and use as a fruit bowl or centerpiece.

Pdf Specification Sheet
  • MBK Matte Black
  • MCH Matte Charcoal
  • MDB Matte Brown
  • MWH Matte White
  • SLV Metallic Silver

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MBK Matte Black, MCH Matte Charcoal, MDB Matte Brown, MWH Matte White, SLV Metallic Silver