Peypin Round Fiberglass Planter

SKU: 69110

The Peypin is understandably considered a staple for all of our corporate clients as the elongated cylindrical shape saves space and adds a hint of contemporary style to any indoor or outdoor area.

There is one thing that home designers, landscapers and interior decorators can all agree upon. When it comes to selecting the type of pots and planters you purchase for your home, business or organization, it is important to pay close attention to the quality of the materials used to construct them in order to save time, money and hassle. Rest assured you are getting nothing but the best as these tall outdoor planters, and all of our other unique planters, are crafted out of a premium fiberglass that is resistant to cracking, chipping, frost and fading. Although it is extremely durable, the fiberglass produces lightweight planters that are easy to move around the foyer, garden or lobby.

These round fiberglass planters are available in all of our signature colors finishes, allowing you to create and order your own custom planters. Choose the shades that coordinate best with the palette of your décor or order a few tall planters in multiple unique colors to shake things up.

Pdf Specification Sheet
  • BRZ Metallic Bronze
  • GEG Gloss Eggplant
  • GRD Glossy Red
  • GSF Gloss Saffron
  • GTG Gloss Tangerine
  • GWH Gloss White
  • MBK Matte Black
  • MBZ Matte Bronze
  • MCB Matte Cobalt Blue
  • MCH Matte Charcoal
  • MDB Matte Brown
  • MGM Matte Gun Metal
  • MTC Matte Terracotta
  • MWH Matte White
  • SBE Satin Beige
  • SGR Satin Green
  • SLV Metallic Silver
  • SSG Satin Sea Foam

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Finish Colors

BRZ Metallic Bronze, GEG Gloss Eggplant, GRD Glossy Red, GSF Gloss Saffron, GTG Gloss Tangerine, GWH Gloss White, MBK Matte Black, MBZ Matte Bronze, MCB Matte Cobalt Blue, MCH Matte Charcoal, MDB Matte Brown, MGM Matte Gun Metal, MTC Matte Terracotta, MWH Matte White, SBE Satin Beige, SGR Satin Green, SLV Metallic Silver, SSG Satin Sea Foam