Strasbourg Round Modern Fiberglass Planter

SKU: 69215

Featuring a tapered body that delivers a space-saving base and smooth edges that tie everything together, the Strasbourg round modern planter is quite striking. The inverted taper is a shape that you don’t often see, but our designers have determined a way to make these decorative planters sturdy, functional and easy to use.

Made out of our premium grade fiberglass, these large round planter pots are much more durable than your everyday plastic flower pots. Unlike metal planters and flimsy plastic planters, our tall plant pots are rust-resistant, shatterproof and able to withstand the elements all year round. Use a pair of these commercial outdoor planters to create an inviting atmosphere in front of your business, use them as planter urns for the garden or place some of the round plant containers throughout the layout of your indoor space.

These unique planters can be customized to suit the needs of your business or home design. They are available in all of our famous signature color finishes. The colorful planters pots are fun to play around with aesthetically when decorating places that are bright and creative, and the black planters or metallic planters are recommended for more upscale establishments.

Pdf Specification Sheet
  • BRZ Metallic Bronze
  • GEG Gloss Eggplant
  • GRD Glossy Red
  • GSF Gloss Saffron
  • GTG Gloss Tangerine
  • GWH Gloss White
  • MBK Matte Black
  • MBZ Matte Bronze
  • MCB Matte Cobalt Blue
  • MCH Matte Charcoal
  • MDB Matte Brown
  • MGM Matte Gun Metal
  • MTC Matte Terracotta
  • MWH Matte White
  • SBE Satin Beige
  • SGR Satin Green
  • SLV Metallic Silver
  • SSG Satin Sea Foam

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Finish Colors

BRZ Metallic Bronze, GEG Gloss Eggplant, GRD Glossy Red, GSF Gloss Saffron, GTG Gloss Tangerine, GWH Gloss White, MBK Matte Black, MBZ Matte Bronze, MCB Matte Cobalt Blue, MCH Matte Charcoal, MDB Matte Brown, MGM Matte Gun Metal, MTC Matte Terracotta, MWH Matte White, SBE Satin Beige, SGR Satin Green, SLV Metallic Silver, SSG Satin Sea Foam