The 10 Best Landscaping Planters For 2021/22

The use of landscaping planters in the exterior and interior of residential and commercial buildings is no longer a strange idea.

Apart from the health benefits, plants contribute significantly to the creation of attractive focal points and have been proven to increase happiness, productivity, and help reach business goals when placed in commercial settings. Now any business or private residence WITHOUT plants is abnormal.

However, few natural environments are fit for growing plants, vegetables, and flowers. That’s why container gardening with potted plants and planters is the preferred way to keep your landscape neat, tidy, and thriving.

Choosing the correct planters helps the plant grow better and pin the room’s colour scheme and decor to perfection. This provides a professional landscape for you, your clients, or the public.

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But how do you choose the correct planter?

When it comes to planters, all you need is good craftsmanship, and Jay Scotts is your top choice for planter manufacturing, wholesale, and the fulfilment of custom landscaping planters.

Why is Jay Scotts your top choice when it comes to landscaping planters?

Jay Scotts began in early 2004 with a group of friends offering high-quality luxury planter products in a small chain of boutique shops in South Florida. In 2010, the Jay Scotts’ mission focused on supporting retailers and wholesalers with the aim of meeting the needs of a diverse group of professionals including landscaping service providers, interior designers, and the humble homeowner too.

The quality of planters, the professionalism of our services, the value that’s expected from our customers, are all the hallmarks of our award-winning formula for success.

Why settle for less when you can have cutting-edge styles, designs, shapes, and finishes? You’ll be surprised at our wide range of styles and sizes available to match your landscaping project needs.

Here are some of the best landscaping planters for this year:

10 notable planter designs for your home or outdoor landscape

Jay Scott offers a wide range of choices. Though there are many types of planters available for landscaping, from ceramic, terra cotta, to concrete planters, fiberglass is clearly the best.

The lightweight and aesthetically pleasing nature of fiberglass means it is the most high-quality material currently available on the market. Our fiberglass planters also feature a high-grade automotive paint finish with UV protection.

By integrating elegance, functionality, and eye-watering appeal, Jay Scotts solutions for landscaping make any environment more beautiful. Check out some of our great products below:

1. Britz Tall Square

These modern planters add a touch of modernity to any décor with their square shape and tall columned body. Our slender planter is also space-saving, allowing you to show off your green thumb without the mess. You can use them everywhere, from interior displays to outdoor hardscapes; weather won’t be a problem.

Britz Square boxes come in three different sizes and our whole range of colours. They are perfect to put in your garden, a few in your foyer, or a grouping of them in any room of your house to create an eye-catching decorative display. Their square shape means a healthy growing medium for plants.

Recommended reading: How pot sizes and shapes affect plant health

Britz Tall Square Planter
Britz Tall Square

2. Montserrat Rectangular

The attractive Montserrat box is made of lightweight, indestructible high-quality fiberglass and will last for years. Use these elegant rectangular planters to transform your garden, patio, or atrium into a chic oasis.

The wide range of matte and glossy colours available for these decorative planters allows you to match it to the rest of your decor! Giant planters in white, satin seafoam, cobalt blue, and red create a nautical-themed colour palette, while bronze and silver metallic planters add a touch of glimmer.

Try using this rectangular planter to plant trees, or as room dividers. The rectangular shape is perfect for landscaping hallways and large areas.

Montserrat Rectangular
Montserrat Rectangular

3. River Rock planters

Our beautiful River Rock planters have been created and moulded into contemporary shapes that resemble river rocks. Use them to introduce an organic and botanical landscaping theme to your space.

This irregularly shaped planter will be a focal point in any environment. Lightweight and durable, The River rock planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and suits artistic landscaping such as in Zen gardens and commercial settings that need something unique.

Placed on a large table or just as a floor-standing pot, our largest river rock planter is ideal. The ideal plant? Try using succulents or ornamental grass to create a little oasis in your office, home, or porch!

River Rock planters
River Rock planters

4. Montroy Cube

Expertly crafted from the finest quality fiberglass, the Montroy Cube is more durable than your average concrete planter. Don’t be fooled by lightweight fiberglass material! They are tough, won’t break easily, and won’t show wear and tear when used outdoors. This means you won’t be worrying about landscaping maintenance!

These square planters are available in various sizes and wherever you choose to incorporate these lovely containers into your design, you can expect a wonderful finishing touch to the area.

The Montroy Cube also comes in different traditional and modern colours. The white and black planters add elegance, while the metallics look fantastic in modern homes and offices. And for a splash of colour, choose bright-hued planters.

Montroy Cube Planter
Montroy Cube

5. Spiral Modern Globe

Finding decorative pots for your porch, patio, deck, or stoop are no longer a difficult quest. Your exuberant personality and love of gardening will shine through in our Spiral Modern Planter. With stacked concave layers forming a modernistic globe, these plant pots have unique designs that work well for any contemporary and traditional decor. You can impress even the most discerning house guests with these plant pots, which are both unique and stylish.

This top-quality modern fiberglass planter is frost-resistant and durable to the max, unlike the flimsy plastic containers, traditional ceramic, or planters made out of concrete. They won’t buckle in extreme temperatures, rust, or break like steel or metal garden containers.

Spiral Modern Globe Planter
Spiral Modern Globe

6. Timbrell Modern

With its unique curvature and a blend of materials, this high-styled globe planter sets a new standard for presentation, shape, and style. They are made from high-quality resin with an attractive finish, supported by a beautiful wood stand. Because of its one-of-a-kind rustic design, this masterpiece immediately grabs your attention.

Timbrell Modern is guaranteed to add a touch of elegance while also serving as a talking point. It also comes without drainage holes and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Watering made easy! Plants like succulents will be a perfect combination for Timbrell Modern.

Timbrell Modern Planter
Timbrell Modern

7. Vienna Focus Bowl

As a room saver for plants with short root systems, the Vienna Focus Bowl enhances the homely atmosphere of your space. They are made from the finest materials to last for years and withstand any weather condition. These traditional planters are not only visually appealing and unique; they are also functional and durable.

Having these beautiful tabletop containers filled with plants like succulents, herbs, vegetables, even your favorite flowers is also a fantastic idea to try. The perfect curves of the bowl suit warm interiors and luxury landscapes.

Vienna Focus Bowl
Vienna Focus Bowl

8. Globe Planter

A classic spherical shape gets a fresh take with our Globe Fiberglass Planter. Round planters in a full globe shape are the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary design, as they look great in any area, but are especially useful in commercial settings.

You would think that large plant pots like these would be difficult to move, but you would be wrong! The lightweight materials we use to construct these modern round planters make re-decorating a breeze. In contrast to cheap and disposable pots, our fiberglass planters last for many seasons.

You can use the Globe Planter for both commercial and residential purposes. They also come in a wide variety of colours, finishes, and sizes for your many needs.

Globe Planter
Globe Planter

9. Lisbon Tall Round Tapered

If you’re still looking for the perfect planter for planting trees in an elegant fashion, the Lisbon fiberglass planter may be just what you need! Utilize them as garden, deck or balcony planters, decorative pots, or indoor flower pots.

With its classic cylindrical shape, this tapered pot is perfect for tall, elegant plants. Despite their size, large garden planters like the Libson are surprisingly lightweight and decorative.

Our fiberglass manufacturing process means our planters are resistant to frost, fading, and cracking. Don’t hesitate to decorate outdoor commercial spaces all year round without fear of them breaking. rotting. or showing signs of anything less than superior quality!

Libson is available in three sizes (Small, Medium, or Large) with many different colours, allowing you to create your unique theme and garden style. Tall plants with large foliage like Rubber Figg, Fiddle leaf fig, or Monstera will rock this planter.

Lisbon Tall Round Tapered
Lisbon Tall Round Tapered

10. Seoul Modern Rectangular

Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter by Jay Scotts is an eye-catching way to liven up any corner with graceful lines for decorative purposes. Inspired by Korean decorative art, Seoul Planters come in three sizes and all classic distinctive hues. It will add a touch of the East to your home or business.

Indoors or out, experimenting with different combinations of sizes and a wide variety of colours can produce intriguing results. With high-quality materials, the Seoul modern planter will wow visitors for years.

Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter
Seoul Modern Rectangular

Why Jay Scott’s fiberglass planters are perfect for your landscape arrangement

Jay Scotts confidently brings sustainable values to customers through high-quality materials and meticulous investment in quality, design, and composition.

1. Long lifetime quality

Each fiberglass planter is made using a custom mold that is precisely the size, shape, and dimensions for the solution you need. All of our planters and pots are painted with UV-protective high-grade automotive paint, making them ideal for use outside in all kinds of weather conditions.

Our fiberglass-made products are guaranteed by Jay Scotts Company. Each planter comes with a three-year warranty after it is accepted. As a result, we promise that our products will be defect-free and of superior quality.

2. Tidiness

Container gardens will help gardeners maintain a neat and orderly landscape thanks to planting pots. A potted plant will aid in the preservation of soil by helping to keep it contained within the container. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance landscape for your commercial purpose, this is a great option.

Additionally, Jay Scott’s fiberglass planters come with optional drainage holes. Drain holes are recommended for outdoor use, but aren’t necessary indoors!

3. Healthier garden

Since fiberglass is a sustainable material, Jay Scott’s planters provide numerous benefits to plants, encourage their growth and health. It enables precise control of the surrounding soil environment. Nutrients are not leached from the soil. As a result, your plant will flourish due to the balanced nutrient levels and stable growing medium.

What does this all mean? Lower maintenance costs! Fewer headaches! Happy customers! And a fantastic landscape!

Find out all the benefits of becoming a Jay scotts wholesale partner today.

Planter Comparison Chart

Planter Comparison Chart

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