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Welcome to the Jay Scotts Collection!

Browse our extensive line of wholesale planters and pick some of our luxury fiberglass planters and pots for your next planter project.

Why You Should Choose Jay Scotts

Jay Scotts Fiberglass Wholesale Planters


Our wholesale planters are not only beautiful and unique! They are also functional, durable and lightweight because they are constructed of the best fiberglass materials available, made to last and to maintain their beauty for years to come.


Our fiberglass planter collection is the most extensive line of high-quality wholesale planters available in the market today. Let Jay Scotts help you turn your next plant planter project from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Jay Scotts Manufacturing Wholesale Planters
Jay Scotts Fiberglass Wholesale Planters


At our World Headquarters in South Florida, dedicated and knowledgeable sales and customer service representatives take pride in providing exceptional service and attention to every detail during and after the sales process.

Our prep and finish, our quality control team and our packing and shipping teams ensure all wholesale planters leaving Jay Scotts pass our strict standards and arrive carefully packaged.

Our Planters Can Be Found At:

Members of the Jay Scotts Family: Google, Buzzfeed, Armani Exchange, Saks Fifth Avenue, Simon Malls, NY Jets, TopGolf, Soulcycle, Baptist Health, Carnival Cruise Lines, St. Regis Hotel & Resorts, The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons Hotel: Miami, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Marriott, and Atlantis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your guarantee policy?

We stand by the quality of our wholesale planters. Each planter holds a 3-year warranty and we warrant the initial purchaser of our products that they are of quality material and workmanship, and free of defects.

How long will a fiberglass planter last?

Our wholesale planters are made from high-quality materials like those used to manufacture outdoor products such as boats and cars. Therefore, one may expect a long life-span with proper care and maintenance.


Will the color of the planter fade?

We use an industrial grade finish, UV tested and specially designed for outdoor use (similar to what is used on cars). With proper maintenance such as waxing and cleaning the finish will stay beautiful for years to come.

Can I have your Catalog?

Click here to view our extensive catalog – the 2021 collection of all Jay Scotts products.

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