About Us

About Us

Jay Scotts Company is proud to be the world’s leading fiberglass planter provider.

Who We Are

Our company began in 2004 with a group of friends aiming to offer high-quality luxury products including permanent botanicals, decorative planters, and other accessories in a small chain of boutique shops in South Florida. 

As the business grew, our focus shifted from sales to the design and installation of floral arrangements with permanent botanicals and live plants.  

As designers, and subsequent consumers of the materials required for installations, we were just never really satisfied with the selection of planters available on the market. 

Styled and installed by: Geomantic Designs | Landscape Architecture / ©Jay Scotts
Photo By David Bondst

Our Moment

In 2010, we embarked on our mission to develop the highest quality planter using lightweight, durable materials that would not only last a lifetime, but more importantly, embody the fashion standards of Milan.

As a result, the Jay Scotts Company was born!

Our Now

Focusing exclusively on the production and distribution of our planters means all of our attention is on ensuring our planters are the finest available.

Our planters are made by skilled craftsmen and women using the highest quality materials in our state-of-the-art facilities, delivering cutting-edge styles, designs, shapes, and finishes.

Why settle for less?

©Jay Scotts Planter Collection

What You Can Expect From Us


With cutting-edge styles, designs, shapes, and finishes, Jay Scotts planters flatter any décor, especially in high-traffic commercial locations.

While our planters are designed for the commercial market, they perform above class in residential settings.

Our sophisticated planter manufacturing and design capabilities enable the Jay Scotts brand to deliver exceptional value in every product. 


Jay Scotts collection of fiberglass planters is designed in-house and we strategically manage our entire production process. As such, we manage our factory production schedule with you, our clients, in mind.

Keeping a broad and deep inventory, Jay Scotts planters are stocked in a primed state – our paint-to-order business model means you get the perfect planter colors.

Our goal is to have shapes and sizes in the quantities you need to meet project deadlines and exceed the expectations of your customers.


Working closely with professional architects, landscape designers, and real estate development companies in the field, we know the pain points and opportunities our stakeholders face and design our services and products accordingly.

To underscore Jay Scott’s value and commitment, all our planters come with an industry-leading warranty.

In addition, our sales consultants are with you every step of the way, from planning to delivery.


American-owned, Jay Scotts products are the highest quality commercial planters available.

From the high-grade automotive paint finish with UV protection to the robust fiberglass materials, our planters and pots exceed expectations.

Our quality control extends from design, production, prep, and finish to packing and shipping to ensure every planter that leaves Jay Scotts passes our strict standards and exceeds customer satisfaction.

©Jay Scotts Montroy Planters // Reveal Design

Need Some Inspiration?

Jay Scotts Fiberglass Planters are used in a number of different industries from customer-facing settings such as malls, restaurants, and public spaces to architects wanting to decorate an office complex or campus – our planters go above the industry standard for what’s possible with a planter!

Take a look at our featured projects to see what’s possible with our design creativity and your business!

301 Ocean Avenue #205 // Photo by REWS Media LLC

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