8 Key Factors to Help You Choose the Right Fiberglass Plant Pots for Your Next Project

Fiberglass planters are known to be extremely durable, low-maintenance and lightweight – on top of being pretty!

In fact, they stood up excellently in our definitive guide to planter materials, complete with a conclusive comparison of fiberglass with 7 other popular planter materials such as wood or terracotta.

Plus they look great when you know how to choose the right planter colors.

But if you are looking for high-quality fiberglass planters and aren’t sure which of them will work best for your next interior or exterior design project, then we have you covered here!

There are certainly many planter shapes, sizes and colors available in the market, and no two interiors or areas are quite the same!

To help you make a good decision, let us walk you through eight key factors you should keep in mind as you choose the best fiberglass planters for the space you are arranging.

1. Purpose

Decide right off the bat what you will need your planter for. You may want to define a walkway, improve an interior, or create privacy. The new Seoul rectangular planter is wonderful for simple aesthetic needs, while the Narbonne rectangular planter is excellent for creating privacy walls.

Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter
Seoul Modern Rectangular Planter

2. Space

Your space’s shape, size and other factors help determine the planter size and how it’s used. For instance, if you have height but little square footage, the Britz tall square planter makes an excellent choice.

Britz Tall Square Planter
Britz Tall Square Planter

3. Function

Whether you just need to add greenery to a drab wall or define an entire space, planter selection matters. If visual focus to a particular area is important, a show-stopper like the Globe planter could be ideal.

Spiral Modern Globe Planter
Globe Planter

4. Content

The size of your foliage is important when considering planters. Trees need planters accommodating deep roots for stability, but a stout, round planter filled with colorful flowers requires less depth. Our new Casablanca low bowl planter is perfect for delicate, voluminous flowers.

Casablanca Bowl Planter

5. Shape

Try to balance the shape of your planter with surrounding objects or focal points. For instance, if you want to place planters near a very modern, minimalistic piece of furniture, consider a more classic silhouette like that of the Alicante ribbed round planter.

Alicante Ribbed Round Planter

6. Challenge

In many instances, planters are used as an affordable way to solve a problem, like to conceal electrical equipment, create privacy, or define a walkway. The best planters to conceal and create barriers include our Badalona, Hudson, Brisbane, and Perth large rectangular boxes.

Perth Tall Rectangular Planter
Perth Tall Rectangular Planter

7. Scale

The size of your space needs to be calculated with precision, including projected plant growth. A 30-foot door and a 7-foot door demand different size planters, so choose accordingly. For particular styles, we provide varied sizes; for example, the Amsterdam rectangular tapered planter comes in two great size options.

Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Planter

8. Location

Impressive sizes are frequently found in front of city halls or large performance venues. On the other hand, stout, wide planters make great containers for herbs and vegetables used at restaurants. Our new Rio Grande round planters are great for displaying herb gardens to attract visitors.

Rio Grande Cylinder Planter

9. Common Planter Shapes and Their Uses

Let’s also consider things from another angle and take a closer look at some of the most common planter shapes and their typical uses, to make your decision even easier here. Best fiberglass planters are versatile enough to cater to all tastes, fit into any setting and comply with different functional demands – but at the same time, there are undeniable benefits of using various fiberglass planters in different design projects. Here are some of them.

Square and Rectangular Fiberglass Planters Are Excellent Additions to Contemporary Spaces

With their straight lines and sharp edges, square and rectangular fiberglass planters offer practical solutions especially for contemporary residential, commercial and public space design. Stylish and space-efficient, these planters can fit perfectly into corners and utilize space in a way that round planters can’t.

Providing a perfect combination of form and function, square and rectangular fiberglass planters can be used as focal points, privacy screens, freestanding walls, barriers or edging to create sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces as well as signal pathways and direct foot traffic. Irrespective of aesthetic and functional needs, selecting square and rectangle fiberglass planters in appropriate sizes and colors is critical to achieving the look and feel you want.

Bergen Square Planter
Bergen Tapered Square Planter

Round and Oval Fiberglass Planters Are Perfect for Traditional and Modern Spaces

Thanks to their classic look, round and oval fiberglass planters can match any decor, from traditional to contemporary and everything in between. However, these planters are particularly suitable for spaces that could use the warm presence of round lines and soft edges combined with beautiful flowers and lush greenery. That being said, the elegant curves of round and oval fiberglass planters make them wonderful choices for organic design projects.

Besides being used as sleek centerpieces, decorative borders or space dividers, round and oval fiberglass planters with visually pleasing profiles, such as the Congress Extra Large Round Planter and Pego Oval Planter, can make a definite statement to guests and passers-by.

Congress Tall Extra Large Planter

Tapered Fiberglass Planters Can Take Any Decor to the Next Level

Tapered planters were originally designed to better accommodate natural root growth. But designers, decorators and landscapers have started to use these types of planters especially for their sleek profile and elegant appearance. Combined with the right decor elements, rectangle and round tapered fiberglass planters can boost both the curb appeal and atmosphere of a space.

Available in different colors and sizes, tapered fiberglass planters are perfect for dividing bigger spaces into smaller intimate areas. Furthermore, slim tapered planters are great additions to spaces that are too small for large plant containers. To save space and also make small areas feel grander, you can try our Saint Tropez Round Bullet Planters or Toulan Tapered Square Planters.

We also offer ribbed tapered planters, which are excellent options for fun and funky design projects. Adding visual interest without being too intrusive, ribbed tapered planters like the San Jose can be used as focal points or as complementary features to other elements, especially in contemporary minimalist decor.

Toulan Modern Tall Tapered Square Planter

Fiberglass Planters Eliminate Aesthetic Concerns

When it comes to fiberglass planters, a common concern is the finish that can make a planter look and feel “cheap”. But that’s not the case with the high-quality fiberglass planters we offer.

All of our fiberglass planters have a smooth, elegant and durable finish that is achieved through professional application of high-grade automotive paint systems, which provide superior protection in all weather conditions. Our planters are guaranteed to please the eye for many years to come, but just to maximize their lifespan make sure you also read the dos and don’ts of fiberglass planter maintenance.

Because there’s no point in creating lovely plant decor if everyone notices just the container, we have developed sophisticated planter colors and finishes that enhance the beauty of different plants and flower arrangements rather than taking center stage.

And once you’ve cleared this hurdle and chosen a planter, find out how professional designers arrange planters for great results!

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The best fiberglass planters are ideal for any interior or exterior design project, and that’s exactly the case with the planters we produce here at Jay Scotts.

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