Wholesale Fiberglass Planter Guide
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Wholesale Fiberglass Planter Guide

How To Order From The Jay Scotts Collection

The Jay Scotts Planter Collection is available for both retail and wholesale customers.

With a wholesale planter account, our trade customers get the expertise and experience of our wholesale consultants to help find the perfect solution for your project, while our wholesale pricing allows you to supply fiberglass planters at an unbeatable value!

Learn more about becoming our wholesale partner.

To buy our planters without a wholesale account, please visit one of our authorized online retail stores!

wholesale fiberglass planter guide
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Our Wholesale Planters

With our range of categories, from outdoor planters to wall planters, the Jay Scotts Collection is designed to suit the interior or landscape of any existing design whether in the home or commercial space. Here are just a small selection of our favorite planters. 

See all our planters.

Jay Scotts Featured Projects

See Our Planters Make A Difference

Learn how Jay Scotts planters are used to meet the goals of our customers – from the Philadelphia International Airport to the Gates Hotel South Beach in Miami.

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Choose From Our Wholesale Planter Sizes

Wholesale fiberglass planters come in a range of sizes to suit any space. While it’s important to get the planter size correct for visual and functional reasons, a wrongly sized planter can harm plants and starve them of nutrients, water, or space.

Learn how to select the best planter sizes

wholesale fiberglass planter guide
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Select The Best Wholesale Planter Materials

Planters come in various materials that can be used for the home, garden, or commercial space. Popular materials include plastic, stone, metal, terracotta, and fiberglass – each has strengths.

Read about different planter materials and when and where to use them.

Of these materials, fiberglass is the most popular for wholesale planters due to its durability and lightweight properties. Fiberglass planters can be used indoors or outdoors and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also highly resistant to fading from UV rays and require little maintenance.

Learn why our materials offer so many advantages.

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Select The Best Wholesale Planter Shapes

Planters come in various shapes, and choosing the right shape can be just as important as selecting the right material and size.

For example, rectangle planters are best for plants designed for privacy and shrubs while round planters are great for single plants.

Discover our planter shapes:

See all our wholesale fiberglass planters.

The Last Touch – Wholesale Planter Colors & Finishes

Our products are backed by a three-year warranty, and each shade and superior finish we provide safeguards your pot from the damaging effects of UV rays, toxic chemicals, and adverse weather conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for projects that require optimum performance, sophistication, and longevity.

See all our 20 colors & finishes.

Learn how to choose planter color.

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Using Fiberglass Planters

Jay Scotts’ fiberglass planters can be used to add beauty and functionality to any garden, home or office space.

These lightweight yet durable planters are perfect for accenting a landscape, creating a stylish display on the balcony or patio, or even adding an elegant touch to indoor spaces. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to use these planters:

  • Use planters and tall plants for privacy
  • Arrange planters to divide rooms or eating areas
  • Brighten up dull corners
  • Create eye-catching entrances
  • Add texture and visual interest to various styles and sizes

For more arrangement ideas, check out our expert-led guide on using fiberglass planters.

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