Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Interested To See How Our Planters Can Make A Difference?

Jay Scotts Fiberglass Planters are used in a number of different industries from customer-facing settings such as malls, restaurants, and public spaces to architects wanting to decorate an office complex or campus – our planters go above the industry standard for what’s possible with a planter!

Take a look at our featured projects to see what’s possible with our design creativity and your business!

Jay Scotts Featured Projects

The Dalmar Fort Lauderdale

Clean and functional white planter designs helped to elevate the feel and coziness of the hotel by adding a touch of nature, sophistication and refinement.

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Penthouse Pool Club Washington

As the highest point in a building, the pool area of a penthouse is more susceptible to high winds and extreme weather conditions. It was also typically surrounded by hard surfaces like concrete, which made it feel more uninviting and unwelcoming.

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The Gates South Beach

The pool area is often the first thing that guests see when they arrive, and the client wanted it to make a good impression. See how we used planters to meet the needs of this luxurious property!

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Philadelphia Airport Terminals

Airport terminals can be large and overwhelming places. They are often full of people rushing to their next destination, and this can make them stressful and chaotic environments.

The airport wanted to add some intrigue to make the location more than just a terminal, but a destination with botanical beauty to remember.

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Fortune House Hotel Suites, Miami

The modern property felt unpolished and empty because they lacked the warmth and life that plants can bring. The client was looking for the right planters to help to soften the harsh lines of the property and make it feel more inviting, while including the right plants to add color, texture, and a sense of serenity.

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Pura Vida Las Olas, Miami

Creating a commercial space like this is challenging for clients as their customers often want privacy from the street while also having both an open and refreshing experience once inside. Our planters were the perfect solution!

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Elevate Your Commercial Project With Jay Scotts Planters

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If you don’t have Jay Scotts planters yet, but you’re planning to build a flourishing business, the first step is to pick out your dream planters and request a quote. If you have any questions, our sales consultants have all the answers, just give us a call!

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