Project: Penthouse Pool Club Washington

The Penthouse Pool and Lounge is a membership-only urban resort designed to feel like an urban oasis of relaxation and nourishment.

On the rooftop of VIDA Fitness U Street, The Penthouse includes a 60-foot heated pool and a variety of poolside lounge options.

Location: 1612 U Street NW,  Washington, DC 20009


The Client’s Challenge

As the highest point in a building, the pool area of a penthouse is more susceptible to high winds and extreme weather conditions. It was also typically surrounded by hard surfaces like concrete, which made it feel more uninviting and unwelcoming.

The Jay Scotts Solution

Potted plants were used to create privacy, to add color and interest, and to soften hard surfaces. A variety of plants were used to create a sense of space and provided texture and interest, and to attract wildlife.

By adding high-quality planters, the space transformed into a luxurious destination full of intrigue and life.

Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies—Montroys by Pool Red & White

The Client’s Result

By utilizing pots of different sizes, there is a natural-looking poolscape that is both aesthetically pleasing and inviting to guests.

Colorful plants have added pops of contrast and interest, combining well with more subdued plantings to provide a serene setting.

Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies—Montroys by Pool Red & White
Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies—Montroys by Pool Red & White

A Closer Look – The Jay Scotts Difference

Planting greenery and flowers around the perimeter of the pool and having potted plants near the pool has improved the pool’s overall aesthetic. Using Jay Scotts planters, the resort has protected their investment for years to come. This is due to Jay Scotts superior planter technology and manufacturing process.

Using fiberglass materials not only saves our money for our clients in the form of lower maintenance and installation costs, but fiberglass also keeps plants healthy.

In addition, our range of finishes includes a UV-resistant topcoat that not only keeps your planters in brand-new condition but also protects the planter and plants from chemicals most often found near pools. The result? A high-performance planter that will last and continue to impress for years to come – no matter the location!

Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies—Montroys by Pool Red & White
Penthouse Pool club/ UA Companies—Montroys by Pool Red & White

Elevate Your Commercial Project With Jay Scotts Planters

Montroy cube silver tree planters reveal design
Montroy Cube Planters bring trees into commercial design // Jay Scotts

If you are considering using plants to improve your commercial space, the most important thing to look for is durable and reliable planters. The quality of the planter is essential as they provide the foundations for lush growth and botanic ambiance.

Plus, a high-quality and professional planter is more likely to impress customers and help achieve your business goals – which is the reason you are investing in biophilic design in the first place!

Our planters are made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass (the best planter material). They are perfect for any kind of business both indoors and outdoors. Offered in a wide selection, there are many styles and colors to suit your business’ design needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your investment, do not. Our planters withstand diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers. To underscore Jay Scotts value and commitment, all our planters come with an industry-leading warranty.

If you want to find out how our wholesale planters can transform your business, contact us. Or better yet, give us a call and our sales consultants will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have.

If you’re simply window-shopping, why not put together a quote to get a sneak peek at the value we offer as a Jay Scotts Partner.

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