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why buy fiberglass plantersWhen looking for outdoor or indoor plant containers, it’s perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed. After all, there is a wide variety of planter shapes, sizes, colors and materials you could choose from. What’s more, you may be tempted to cut costs by opting for less expensive plastic planters. But because these planters degrade when exposed to sunlight, you could actually lose money in the long run. Other planter materials, such as wood, terracotta and metal, are also susceptible to water damage and tend to fade, split and/or crack due to exposure to the elements.

Now, if you’re wondering which planter material is best for your design project, the short answer is: fiberglass. Here are a few reasons why you should choose fiberglass planters over other options.

Fiberglass Planters Provide Great Value  

The plant containers made of commercial-grade fiberglass, such as the planters that we offer at Jay Scotts Collections, are water-, fade- and chemical-resistant. Because fiberglass planters will not rot, warp or degrade over time, they’re suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use, irrespective of weather conditions.

In addition, high-quality fiberglass planters show virtually no signs of wear and tear even after prolonged exposure to water, UV radiations, temperature variations, salt air, and chemicals. As a result, they can be used season after season, year after year, saving you a lot of money in the long run. These planters are also lightweight, which translates into a lower shipping cost per unit. When factoring in all these aspects, we can easily conclude that fiberglass planters deliver the least expensive plant container options available today. 

Fiberglass Planters Can Add Character to Trendy Decor

Fiberglass planters are delightfully decorative. That’s another reason why you should use them to complement your indoor and outdoor areas. Because these plant containers are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors, you can easily find different fiberglass planters to match existing decor elements. For a stylish look and feel, you can also opt for specific planter shades to create beautiful color combinations that feature the latest color trends.   

For instance, an elegant fiberglass planter, such as the Bara Jar Planter or Corry Cylinder Fiberglass Planter, showcasing the Pantone’s color of the year 2019, Living Coral, could be used as a centerpiece in a lobby or foyer. You could also add several fiberglass planters in this year’s special shade of coral to your garden for a more dynamic, interesting look. For colors that aren’t readily available, please contact our experienced professionals who can create custom fiberglass finishes upon request.

Fiberglass Planters Promote Design Flexibility

Because fiberglass has fewer molding limitations compared to other materials, the planters made of this material can provide some true works of art while also delivering perfect backgrounds for different plant and flower arrangements. What’s more, fiberglass planters are able to lend a classy as well as a contemporary look to indoor and outdoor areas, while providing authentic sophistication and versatility for many years to come.

If you’re looking for ways to spice up your design project, fiberglass planter finishes have the power to amplify the beauty of any plant or flower and transform any space by enhancing it with a colorful yet minimalist understatement. Furthermore, some stylish fiberglass planters, like the Saint Tropez Round Bullet Planter, Strasbourg Round Modern Planter, Toulan Tapered Square Planter and Santiago Tall Square Fiberglass Planter, encompass three of the most important characteristics for design flexibility, namely: visual appeal, functionality and versatility.

Modern Fiberglass Planters Can Perfectly Balance Traditional Plants

Because fiberglass planters come in many different shapes, sizes and finishes that can perfectly complement any contemporary or traditional setting, they are ideal decor elements for many indoor and exterior design projects. Whether you prefer clean, sharp lines or elegant curbs, fiberglass planters can balance out a wide variety of plants and flowers that are commonly used to enhance the overall design and atmosphere of different spaces.

For instance, round and wide fiberglass planters, like the Alicante Ribbed Round Planter and Rio Grande Round Fiberglass Planter, can balance out tall branching cacti, large spiky succulents, small trees, as well as exotic flower arrangements. Conversely, rectangular planters, such as the Amsterdam Tapered Rectangular Planter and Tupelo Rectangle Planter, would work beautifully with a nice array of smaller plants, such as the spider plant, oxalis, polka dot plant, lithops and echeveria.

As you can see, there are many reasons why fiberglass plant containers are ideal options for indoor and outdoor decor. If you’re looking for top-quality fiberglass planters, we invite you to download our catalog or browse our collection of indoor and outdoor fiberglass planters online.

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