Our Materials
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Our Materials

Jay Scotts Company is Proud to be the World’s Leading Fiberglass Planter Provider

A Short History Of The Jay Scotts Collection

The Jay Scotts Collection started in 2004 to offer high-quality permanent botanicals, decorative planters, and other luxury accessories to boutique shops in South Florida.

Shortly thereafter, the team shifted its focus to the design and installation of plants. But no matter how far and wide we searched, we were never satisfied with the planters offered in the market. That’s when the lightbulb went off. 

From that point onwards, we decided to develop our own planters that were as superior to competitors in quality as they were in style – the fashion standards of Milan were our goal.

And just like that, the Jay Scotts we know today was born. 

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Outdoor large planters
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Planters in an office

Why Our Planters Are Special

With an acute understanding of what people need from their landscape or interior design, the Jay Scotts team is proud to deliver the best fiberglass planters. We help add the benefits of plants and modern decor to any commercial or residential space. 

Whether you’re an interior designer looking to wow a client, or a landscape architect with grand ideas you’d like to see through, with over 70 planter styles in multiple sizes, Jay Scotts is the best supplier for you.

But these aren’t the only reasons we are successful.

Read on to get some insight into why the Jay Scotts Collection is the industry leader for planters!

Our Materials

So what makes the Jay Scotts Collection so special? The short answer lies in the fiberglass and resin material used to make our planters. 

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details of it all, what exactly is fiberglass? 

Fiberglass is a term used to denote the fine glass fibers created by spinning molten glass. These fibers can be used in a variety of different ways, from being flattened into a sheet, woven into a glass cloth, or combined with other materials to be used in a different design. 

Automobiles, planes, boats, and of course, planters are a few examples of fiberglass in use! And these things truly perform and last forever!

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Why Use Fiberglass?

Though you now have an idea of what fiberglass is, you may still be wondering why the material is such a big deal. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using fiberglass in planters.

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rectangle fiberglass planter
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1. Versatility

As already mentioned, fiberglass is extremely versatile. And while the material itself looks great in a whole slew of applications, fiberglass is also known for its molding ability.

Therefore, whether you want a small planter or a large planter, a square planter, or a round planter, fiberglass lets us design our planters with no limitations in size, shape, or style!

2. Strength

According to our own experience (and research!), the strength-to-weight ratio of fiberglass is unparalleled. Said to be at least twice as strong as steel despite only being a quarter of its density, it’s also up to five times as strong as wood. 

What this means is that although you’re getting a planter that’s lightweight and easy to move around any given space, you’re not sacrificing any durability in the process.

3. Durability

In some ways similar to strength, durability also refers to the lifespan of the planter, of which fiberglass has an extremely long one! 

Due to the fact that the material is water, fade, and chemical resistant, when you purchase a fiberglass planter, rest assured that it’ll last you a while. 

No matter the weather and climate conditions of the area you choose to use it in, the planter will have little issue adjusting. In essence, you’re saving money because you won’t have to keep on replacing it!

4. Aesthetic Appeal

The final reason why fiberglass is so great for use as a plant pot is because of its inherent aesthetic appeal. In a world that trends towards sleek and minimalist interior design and landscape architecture, there’s really no better planter than fiberglass to achieve this look. 

As opposed to the classic terracotta styles, fiberglass planters are as modern as they come, and because of their design versatility and style additions (which we’ll discuss later), there’s always going to be a fiberglass planter that suits your aesthetic needs!

The Final Word On Fiberglass

Fiberglass is perfect for use as a planter because of its versatility which means you’re not trapped in any kind of shape or style scheme. Secondly, the impressive strength-to-weight ratio means that while you can easily transport it from space to space, you still have a strong material that never lets up. This ties into its durability which enforces the fact that you can use fiberglass indoors or outdoors no matter the weather or climate conditions. Finally, the inherently sleek and minimalist design of such planters means you’ll have a pot that wows for its beautiful design–Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? 

Want some more information on the benefits of fiberglass? Read this buyer’s guide to modern fiberglass planters.

The Secret Sauce – Our Resin

To begin with, what exactly is resin? A common misconception surrounding resin is that it’s plastic, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. According to the US Forest Service, plastic is derived from synthetic proto chemicals whereas resin is a plant product. 

Produced in special plant cells and when a plant sustains an injury, resin is not soluble in water and hardens when it comes into contact with air. Such protective characteristics are mimicked in the manufacturing process of the planter to create a durable material that protects against both hot climates and freezing temperatures. 

Finally, by applying the resin to each planter by hand, it’s possible for Jay Scotts to ensure the highest levels of inspection and quality control and deliver the very best products to our customers. 

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Why Use Natural Resin?

The resin that binds all Jay Scotts planters is derived from non-plastic linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP). This resin results in a high-quality polymer that is then bonded with composites such as fiberglass. While this all sounds great, what does it really mean for you? Let’s take a look at the benefits of resin in a planter!

commercial planters
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Fiberglass planters
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planters outside in winter
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1. Durability

While a fiberglass planter is already quite durable as it is, by using resin to bind it, that durability is taken to the next level. Resistant to any sort of weather, temperature, or climate, such a planter will survive anything from the most scorching desert-dry sun to the most bone-chilling cold of arctic conditions–Oh, and rain? Not a problem. 

Taking this durability a step further, the non-porous and non-hygroscopic nature of Jay Scotts fiberglass planters also mean that water and mineral salts remain in the planter, ensuring the healthy life of the potted plant. Furthermore, the strong resin binding promises to keep the integrity of the pot throughout its long shelf-life, without the worry of cracks or any kind of degrading. 

With all this strength, it’s actually really easy to add drainage holes to your planter if you so choose! Or let us know and we’d be happy to do it!

2. Low Maintenance

Due to the fiberglass and resin binding, our planters require little to no maintenance after you’ve made your purchase. Pots that are made out of materials like wood or terracotta often end up breaking after some use. This means that you end up having to spend more money on replacement pots. 

With fiberglass, once your planter leaves the factory, it’s essentially going to stay in that pristine shape and condition forever. This type of low maintenance also means less money spent in the long run–think of it as a smart investment for you or your customers!

3. Adaptability

The adaptability of resin fiberglass pots allows you to pot whatever plants you’d like. Though small indoor and outdoor house plants don’t require much consideration, it’s when you want to pot larger plants that you need a worthy container. 

With their professionalism, durability, and ability to pot any type of plant, fiberglass truly is the best planter material for any customer; from homeowners to business owners and even governments!

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How We Exceed Expectations – The Finishing Touches

Now that you know about Jay Scotts premium fiberglass and resin combination, let’s take a look at the steps that transform your planter into the one you see in your dreams!

  1. Once your planter is made, the outer surface is sealed with a layer of UV resistant coating. This takes the durability of your planter to the next level, ensuring varying weather and climate conditions have little effect on the pot’s longevity.
  2. From there, a light sanding will smooth out the planter’s surface. Once done, the first layer of primer is applied to the planter and left to air out and dry. 
  3. The second layer of primer is applied. The result of these two layers will be a pot with a smooth, glossy finish. On top of this, the primer acts as a bonding agent between the pot’s surface and the paint of your choice.
  4. At this point, you can choose to customize it with one of Jay Scotts’ 20 different colors, or leave it in its cool, standard gray – This shade looks good anywhere!
  5. Finally, the planter is carefully packaged and transported to you ready to be installed!

To summarize, the finishing touches take your Jay Scotts planter up a few notches in terms of durability and style. The two layers of primer act as protective layers while also serving to bond the paint to the pot. Additional touches up with color can bring out the pizzazz you so desire or match your customer’s existing design – Or you can keep it at its stock color; sleek, minimalist gray! 

Got your planter ready? Check out some interior decorating trends with planters to get you started!

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Our Brand Value

So far we’ve talked about the benefits of fiberglass, why resin is so valuable, and how our production values and the finishing touches at Jay Scotts add that extra dimension of beauty and longevity to your planter. Now it’s time to learn more about our work ethic and why our partnerships are so successful. 


Jay Scotts never skimps on quality. American-owned, our skilled designers utilize the best materials to produce the best products for you.

From step one until the planter reaches your doorstep, quality control tests are undertaken to ensure your individual pots meet the high standards our customers hold us to. 


Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship, and Jay Scotts prides itself on its ability to be there for our clients, no matter what you need.

By working with various professionals across the field, Jay Scotts is aware of the problems clients face and the solutions we can offer. Our one-on-one customer service ensures you reach your project goals – from the speed of delivery to the delivery of quality.


By understanding the requirements of the market and of individuals, Jay Scotts focuses on providing the utmost in service for our clients. And that level of service begins from within our team. 

Our team is a family of dedicated and creative people who work together to create the finest customer service experience possible. We don’t just work together – we passionately communicate, cooperate and collaborate to deliver what we promise.


Our range of over 21 categories, 70 styles, and 20 color finishes ensures you find exactly what you want. Easily adaptable to our customers’ needs, our collection is regularly updated and refined. 

Want to see it all? Take a look at the extensive range of Jay Scotts Planters!

Jay Scotts Collection Offer You Or Your Customers The Best Planter Solutions Available

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All of Jay Scotts planters come with an industry-leading warranty for both residential and commercial use. This means you won’t have to worry about whether your investment is safe – Once you receive your planter, rest assured that its form, function, and beauty will last for as long as you need it to!

Are you an interior designer or landscape architect? Contact us today to learn more about the exciting opportunities our wholesale range can deliver! 

On the other hand, our planters are also available for retail customers. Simply visit one of our official retail partners, select your planter, and sit back and relax – Your planter’s on its way!

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