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Linear Planters

Linear planters are the commercial or residential solution to a number of different design challenges.

From creating eye-catching dividers for restaurant patios to beautifying a fence or property line, our Linear Planter collections are designed to work in modular arrangements. Flush edges allow planters to butt up together to create flawless and elegant lines while square corner units allow the arrangement to seamlessly flow around corners.

Aside from their functionality, our Linear Planter collections look stunning and add aesthetic value to the property.

Hand-crafted using the finest fiberglass materials, our Linear Planters are perfect for any indoor or outdoor application.

Whether they are used in adverse weather conditions or high-traffic areas, Jay Scotts Linear Planters remain timelessly professional and flexible to your needs.

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Buyers Guide To Wholesale Linear Planters

Buying wholesale planters to use for grand projects and installations is an exciting process when there are so many shapes, sizes, and styles available.

However, procuring them can be quite a task especially when there are so many tricks to planter landscaping. To help you make the right decision for planter procurement and distribution, we created this buyer's guide to wholesale linear planters

Here you can find some recommendations and tips for using our new planter collection for your business needs while saving time and money.

Who Can Benefit From Fiberglass Linear Planters?

Fiberglass linear planters can be used in a variety of settings, from retail stores to residential areas. No matter the location, our product will add life to your interior décor or landscape design.

Using linear planters has several advantages for business owners, as well as the general public. Here are just a few of them:

3 Benefits Behind Every Linear Planter Box

Whether you are looking to create some privacy between the balconies of a residential property or direct the flow of foot traffic in a retail setting, Jay Scotts linear planter collection is perfect for defining large and small spaces.

1. Linear planters offer better functional organization

Commercial spaces are usually designed to accommodate a variety of people and functions, from the employees at the reception desk to the guests in the waiting lobby. Without proper direction and barriers between different areas, the room will appear overcrowded and leave customers feeling confused. Linear planters are ideal for dividing large spaces, such as hotel lobbies, in a clean and professional way.

Reducing the number of crowded and untidy spaces is key to an attractive and functional property.

If there are places where people should, or shouldn't, walk short planters like our Antwerp Wide Rectangular Planter, which stands at just 12 inches, will direct patrons in an organized fashion without blocking the view.

2. Linear planters create privacy in your indoor and outdoor spaces

Your customers want privacy; their experience often depends on it. Identify where your guests want it, measure and install privacy planters and you can keep them there longer.

Lining your balcony or swimming pools with linear planters can offer a cozy, private area for residents while giving the space an aesthetic boost with some greenery.

Tall, narrow planters, such as the Amesbury Narrow Rectangular Planter, are ideal for creating social distance in a classy yet functional way without taking up too much floor space. When used with tall or bushy plants, you can even create a beautiful botanical barrier to hide renovation or back of house areas.

Top our planters with beautiful flowers or plants and you are offering customers a unique experience whilst being functional.

3. Linear planters add value to business owners and their customers

Using natural resources to satisfy business goals is a trend that can be found in a variety of settings, including retail, hospitality, and public services.

Jay Scotts linear planter collection is designed to add value to the experience, comfort, and pleasure of employees and customers in any industry, especially in high traffic areas.

Also, studies have found that using botanical decor in interiors and exteriors increases the perceived monetary value of a property - useful to know if you're a landscape architect!

With our new range of linear planters, cleaner visuals have never been more attainable when you match rectangular planters with their corner pieces! These products can provide great planter arrangements for wrap-around projects.

Jay Scotts Wholesale Linear Planters

Our collection of linear planters is available in a wide range of sizes and colors. But don't worry, if you can't find one that suits your needs, give us a call for a free consult on our custom painting and manufacturing services.

Linear Planter Sizes

The most common sizes of linear planters at Jay Scotts are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Small - Short planters, such as our Cuba Low Rectangular Planter, stand at 18 inches or less. These products won't block the view and are good for defining foot traffic areas.

Medium - A little larger in stature, these planters add beauty to the room without obstructing views. The Tolga Rectangular Planter and matching Tolga Corner Planter stand at just 24 inches and are great for defining spaces in a tasteful way.

Large & extra large - Dividers which are 32 inches or taller are best for creating barriers or a sense of privacy in bars and restaurants. For example, the Perth Linear Planter Collection stands at 42 inches - just under the average eye level when sitting. Add tall plants and you can easily create hedges for large gardens and patios.

Best Jay Scotts Colors For Linear Planters

There is a wide variety of trendy and high-quality colors and finishes to choose from for all Jay Scotts planters.

Black and white rectangular planters are the most popular and suit most applications.

Cobalt blue, eggplant, and satin green planters go well with contemporary-style homes, apartments, and condos.

Beige and other earth tones, like charcoal, brown, bronze, or terracotta, are perfect in rustic settings.

How To Fill Linear Planters

There are so many ways to fill your planter without breaking the bank or straining your back. You'll need potting soil for planting in any container whether it's indoors or outdoors. To fill up your planter simply:

Step 1: Check for drainage holes 

Most plants need adequate drainage to thrive. We recommend adding drainage holes to your plant pots, especially for outdoor use. Please specify if you would like this when you order. It’s also possible to add drainage solutions yourself later.

Step 2: Prepare filler for the pot

Instead of using potting soil to fill your pot, use space savers in the bottom half. This will help use less soil and water and make the planter lighter. Materials such as gravel, packing peanuts, or plastic bottles are often used.

Lightweight pot fillers // Photo by Shawn Hempel on Shutterstock

Step 3: Protect the fillers in the pot

Separate the filler from the soil with a layer of landscaping fabric. This step will prevent the potting soil from falling through the cracks. Fabric grow bags are also helpful for containing the plants, preventing soil run off or staining and can make the installation and removal process much easier.

Step 4: Prepare soil for potting

After the filler, use potting soil to fill the planter to the top. Using potting soil for indoor plants is a must to allow water to drain thoroughly and create an environment for the roots of the plant to thrive.

Step 5: Planting and touching up

Make a small hole a few inches deep in the center of your planter and place your plants right in! If additional potting soil is required, add it around the plants and water as needed. For container plants, wait until the top 2 inches of the potting mix has dried out before watering.

Should Outdoor Planters Have Drainage?

Plants can die from root rot caused by bacteria and fungi that form in the bottom of a planter when there is too much water in it. 

Regardless of the care and watering requirements of each plant, there should be drain holes in an outdoor planter to allow excess water to drain away. For indoor planters, we do not recommend drainage holes unless you use a planter tray. 

Build Your Business With Our Linear Planters

Jay Scotts is the leading brand for fiberglass plant containers in both wholesale and retail. Our reputation for high-quality, durable, and beautiful fiberglass planter products is rivaled only by our passion for customer service and building relationships with our clients.

As an established supplier of commercial plant containers, Jay Scotts offers competitive wholesale prices and distribution throughout the United States Of America and Canada. Our deep inventory allows our partners to stay ahead of demand and grow their business while our customer support is always available to guide you through your next project from deciding specifications to shipping and installation.

For more information about wholesale and retail opportunities, contact us today and let us help you grow your business.

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