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Round Planters

Offering a fresh take on an all-time favorite planter shape, Round Planters by Jay Scotts will grace any space with timeless class and ample elegance.

Find your favorite shapes and sizes from our unique collection: modern tall round planters, traditional bowl planters, globe planter boxes, cylinder pots, or any oval, ribbed and unique designs that fit both indoor and outdoor decor.

Jay Scotts best fiberglass round planters are favored by gardeners, home decorators, designers and landscapers for years!

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Buyers guide to round planters for both indoor and outdoor spaces

fiberglass round tapered planters

Most people are confused about which shapes of pots to choose. 

Maybe you don't have a lot of space to plant but still want some greenery in your interior design? Or do your outdoor areas like walkways, patios, and gardens need an injection of life and color?

Round containers are the best option.

Not only do they look great in an interior space with an elegant or minimalist theme, but they are also the perfect decor tool to create a picture-perfect atmosphere in your commercial business.

To meet the demands and creative interests of consumers, Jay Scotts planters are available in various styles, ranging from traditional to modern to match any concept.

How Jayscott's round planters stand out from the rest

1. Durable and forever eye-catching

Whether indoors or outdoors, Jay Scotts round planters provide a diverse and eye-catching home for your plants.

You can use round planters to revitalize a restaurant patio, hotel roof terrace, shop layout, or office workspace, attracting additional clients and customers and distinguishing yourself from the competitors.

Jay Scott's round planters are constructed from lightweight fiberglass which means they are highly resistant to damage and corrosion, making them ideal for outdoor spaces and high-traffic areas.

Our special weather-resistant coating means your planters will stay eye-catching - a worthwhile return on your investment.

2. Professional planter collection that is fully customizable

With so many shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes to select from, our collection of round planters are designed to complement your space. However, we also offer custom planter designs and colors upon request - offering you even more decorative possibilities!

Jay Scott's fiberglass planters are the most popular planter solutions for professional environments since they are incredibly lightweight and durable, less expensive to ship, and easier to move when it comes time to refresh your arrangement.

3. Evoke tranquillity and evolve with time.

Our stock of round containers was created to evolve with your space with timeless style and functionality. With smooth shapes and elegant curves, round containers evoke tranquillity in any space, and its minimalist twist on a classic silhouette will remain in fashion forever.

Plus, all Jay Scotts planters are incredibly durable, and their sturdy build ensures that your investment will last for years to come.

Round planter sizes

The three most common sizes of Jay Scotts round planters are small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Tall & Small planters

Our floor standing small round planters, such as the Corry Cylinder Planter start at just 10 to 12 inches in width.

Featuring a tall round planter design with a deep interior cavity, this versatile round plant pot can be used as either a round garden planter, a decorative indoor planter or a commercial flower planter as needed. The shape also looks great when filled with your choice of flowers, plants, bushes or small trees.

River rock planters

Jay Scotts rounded river rock planters are available in 13, 16, and 22 inch sizes. They are perfect for tabletop applications and can accommodate a number of beautiful houseplants and outdoor plants too.

A common design trend is to use the river rock planter with ornamental grass to decorate commercial spaces with simple natural beauty.

Globe planters

Jay Scotts globe planters are available in sizes from 24 to 36 inches and can be used as either commercial outdoor planters or as decorative indoor planters.

The full globe shape is the quintessential mix of traditional and contemporary styles and easily complements any space around the home, garden or office. They are also perfect to line patios, walkways, and adorn entrances with class and professionalism.

Medium planters

Medium sizes range from 23 inches to 36 inches and make up our most popular designs, for example, the Alzira Bowl Planter.

Medium-large round planters are ideal for outdoor reception areas, expansive courtyards or roomy lobbies, while medium-small round plant pots are recommended for accenting patios, porches and balconies.

Large & extra large planters

Outdoor large planters

Though our custom range extends beyond traditional and standard sizes available in our store, our most popular large and extra-large round planters are available in sizes ranging from 39 to 50 inches.

Large round planters such as the Wannsee Extra Large Tapered Planter, which is also one of our most luxurious pot designs yet, are bigger and deeper than any of the other garden pots and planters in our exclusive modern commercial planter collection.

A simple rule of thumb regarding choosing a suitable container size is getting a planter that is a couple of inches wider than the plant.

Best Jay Scotts colors for round planters

You've decided on the style of your next planter but aren't sure what color it should be? Choosing the correct planter color can be challenging due to many factors to consider.

For starters, will the new color mix well with the other colors in the room, and how will it affect the individuals accessed with it?

We've got you back! Here are the most common round planter colors:


Black colors work as a focus point. The depth of black, like a bright yellow, will draw the eye to it. Black round planters also have the sleek, modern vibe that many interior designers want.

Even in a room full of jewel or pastel tones, a hint of black, even in something as modest as a planter, will level the space and add class.

If you feel that using black in a standard planter design is too 'blah,' add some flair by utilizing a colorful, geometric shape like the River Rock Planter or Timbrell Modern Planter.


White colors represent pureness and simplicity. It is light, may help with inspiration, and is a smooth and classic look.

White is frequently used as a backdrop for more complex tones by minimalist interior designers. White round planters may also be used to highlight other items of your space's design while remaining neutral in the overall color scheme.

A single flower pot with a dash of white can serve as an accent, but a diversity of white tones can move your decor towards a more black-and-white elegance.

Silver or gray

Gray and silver round planters have been fashionable in recent years as more business and industrial environments incorporate basic infrastructure into their decor. 



Brown is a very natural color. Brown humbles us, warms us, and allows us to relax in its earthy charms. People also believe the color brown expresses warmth and friendliness. It is an excellent palette to use in living rooms and bedrooms with round planters to bring down-to-earth decor to your space.

Guide to planting in round planters

As an indoor plant, you will set a saucer into the ornamental (cache) pot and place the grow pot on top of the saucer. If possible, add additional stones or hydro granules to the bottom of the planter to adjust the height of the plants so that it fits more gently in the pot.

You may water the plant by removing it from the decorative pot and draining it in a sink before returning it or hydrating it in the decorative pot. The saucer will capture any surplus water that may need removing time after time.

How to fill round planters

Filling up rectangular planters is easy and hassle-free, however, for extra-large round planters, make sure to install your planter in its final location first and then fill it so you don't have to move it when it is heavy.

Always use potting soil for potted plants, no matter if they are indoors or outside.

To fill up your planter simply:

Step 1: Opt for drainage holes 

We recommend adding drainage holes to round planters, especially if they are for outdoor use. Please specify if you would like drainage holes added when you order.

Step 2: Use space savers to fill the bottom of the planter

To ensure good drainage, save costs on soil and water, and make the planter lighter, use a filling material in the bottom 1/3 - 1/2 of your planter. Materials such as gravel, packing peanuts, or plastic bottles are perfect for this.

Step 3: Protect the fillers in the pot

Add landscaping fabric to stop potting soil from falling down into the filler. Though this is optional, it is useful if your filling material is quite large.

Step 4: Prepare soil for potting

After adding the filler material, fill the planter with potting soil to just below the top. Do not use regular garden topsoil as this is too thick and not ideal for potted plants.

Step 5: Planting and touching up

When planting your plant, make a hole in the center of the planter that is large enough for the plant's rootball. This will likely need to be a few inches deep. Add additional potting soil around the plants and give them a deep watering.

Is it better to use round planters with drainage or not?

If you intend to leave the planter outside all year, it must include drainage holes to allow rainwater to pass through and avoid waterlogging the plant's root system. To avoid ice building up and cracking the drainage hole, ensure your round planter is slightly elevated from the floor.

Round planter ideas

For most people creating an idea for a container display of plants and planters with diverse textures and vibrant contrast is a challenging feat! Your space can take on an entirely different vibe once you've mastered the art of arranging round planters.

Instead of fussing over where to begin, let us save you time. Here are the most creative concepts for container gardening in round planters at home or in a business setting!

1. Leverage your available space

Even the most exquisitely decorated room may benefit from the enchantment of well-placed plants. Incorporating the plant and planter into the room's basic design, where possible, allows the area to be deliberate and coherent.

Small round planters may just be the best design solution for a tight spot, whereas large round planters are great to fill an empty room.

2. Make your circular planters the focus of attention

Round planters are a great addition for corners that may look uncomfortably empty. However, most round planters are large enough to accommodate large plants and trees that immediately lift and fill the room, transforming your round planter into a centerpiece.

3. Use round planter stands

When selecting plants and plant pots, consider how high you would like your plant display to be. If you need a little more height for your plants, a plant stand is the easiest accessory.

Most of us have a less-than-ideal view. However, If you want to transform your perspective, varying the height of your planter arrangement using round planter stands offers a variety of decorative functions.

Caryota palms

4. Round planters at the entry.

The sleek appearance of cylindrical planters works well on a square patio or in a rectangle room, reducing the space's sharp, linear aspect.

Set a pair of round planters on either side of an elevator or entranceway to make an eye-catching statement. Direct foot traffic by lining walls, pool areas, and patios with many round pots, or place smaller ones on top of reception desks and counters for a finishing floral flourish.

Which plants work best in round planters?

Round planter pots are ideal for a wide range of plants, trees, and flowers. Here are a handful of our top picks:

1. Parlour Palm

Parlor Palm trees are native to the Americas. You can find them in subtropical and tropical areas of the continent. Known as the Bamboo Palm because of its bamboo-like stems, the Parlor Palm is a beautiful and easy-to-care-for indoor plant that looks stylish and exotic in a smooth round planter. They are also a great way to purify the air around you!

Peypin Tall Extra Large Round Planter

2. Bay trees

With their aromatic foliage, thin stems and rounded leaves, these evergreen trees are great for low-maintenance gardening. With a striking form - a large shrub-like canopy, Bay trees look great in a tall round planter. Although to maintain their clean, lollipop shape, their leaves will require trimming and shaping over the summer months.

Tarragona Bowl Planter

3. Snake plants

This beautiful home plant with spiky sword-like leaves is affectionately known as "mother-in-law's tongue". They are a popular option in busy offices due to their ability to endure lengthy periods of neglect.

NASA scientists also recently discovered that Snake plants are particularly effective in cleaning the air and removing dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde.

4. Succulents

Succulents are a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and eye-catching addition to your round pots. There are over 10,000 species of this plant in the world, ranging from rosette-shaped echeveria to trailing sedum and everything in between, and while they are small, they carry a striking appearance.

Jay Scotts River Rock planter with succulents

Build your business with our round planters

Jay Scotts is the leading brand for fiberglass planters in both wholesale and retail. Our reputation for high-quality, durable, and beautiful fiberglass planter products is rivalled only by our passion for customer service and relationship building with our clients.

For wholesale and retail opportunities, contact us today and let us grow your business.

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