Buyer’s Guide To Indoor And Outdoor Commercial Planters
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Buyer’s Guide To Indoor And Outdoor Commercial Planters

Jay Scotts’ Commercial Planters are the ideal solution for professional landscapers, landscape architects, and interior designers who need high-quality planters for their projects. Planters provide a durable, stylish, and functional addition to any commercial property, directly impacting how customers experience a brand or a place.

You can increase your customer base beyond the usual outdoor applications by supplying the right commercial indoor and outdoor planters. Let’s show you how!

Jay Scotts Commercial Planters

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Why Should Businesses Use Planters In Commercial Spaces?

Various studies have analyzed the effect of plants and trees on business goals.

study in 2015 discovered that retail products and services were deemed up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements of nature.

And there’s no shortage of applications where commercial planters can be used, such as to define a space, separate and unify areas, create barriers or zones, attract more foot traffic as well as bring nature into an environment.

No matter what industry you supply, there are various new opportunities to unlock by offering commercial planters.

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Who Uses Jay Scotts Commercial Planters?

Commercial-grade pots can significantly impact any home, garden, or commercial space, instantly raising their value.

Additionally, they are the ideal way to bring nature into hard-to-reach places like a rooftop, patio, or deck and more unique spaces such as shopping malls and airport terminals.

In fact, the demand for planters in commercial design and landscaping is increasing.

As such, the Jay Scotts Collection is used by some professionals including:

  • Professional landscapers, landscape architects & interior designers
  • Contractors, property managers, & apartment complexes
  • Retailers, shopping centers, hotels, & restaurants
  • Wholesale suppliers to the landscape and interior design sector

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What Are Commercial Planter Sizes?

Jay Scotts offers various commercial planters in all shapes and sizes. This allows you to create large-scale designs that fit any sizeable commercial space, indoors or landscape.

With our ability to custom-make any planter shape or size, plus our carefully crafted collection, there is the perfect planter for any purpose.

When selecting planter sizes, it’s important to consider the plants that will be added.

If the planter is too small, the plants may not have enough room to grow and flourish.

If it’s too large, then you may be underutilizing valuable space.

Small Commercial Planters

Our small modern fiberglass planters, such as the River Rock Planter start at just 4 inches in height and range up to 12 inches.

While popular square planter shapes like our Montroy Cube Fiberglass Planters start at a convenient 12 inches and extend well into extra-large sizes.

Medium Commercial Planters

Medium length sizes range from 24 inches, 36 inches to 48 inches, and make up our most popular designs, for example, the Milano Narrow Rectangular Planter.

Large & Extra Large Commercial Planters

Though our custom planters extend beyond traditional and standard sizes available in our collection, our most popular large and extra-large commercial planters are available in lengths of 54 inches, 65 inches, 84 inches, and even extend to a whopping 100 inches in our flagship Hudson Extra Long Rectangular Planter.

Not sure if you need large commercial planters or small? Learn how to choose the perfect planter size.

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AMESBURY Room Divider
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What Are Commercial Planter Shapes?

Our Commercial Planters offer a sleek, modern look popular in minimalist, contemporary, and professional spaces. These planters come in various styles, from angular shapes to curved finishes, so you can find the perfect planter for any project. Our categories include:

We also offer linear planters for room dividers and creating perimeters, wall and railing planters, planter boxes for vertical gardens, and extra tall planters for privacy. The shapes we offer are endless!

Use our tool to get the exact shape and size planter needed for your project!

3 Creative Ideas For Commercial Planters

To help you get inspired for your Commercial Planter project, here are some creative ideas to get you started:

1. Create a living wall – Vertical garden planters create an impressive focal point that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Vertical gardens can add instant life to any space and make a commercial environment lighter, fresher, and better for the well-being of guests and staff.

2. Define outdoor spaces – Large commercial planters are ideal for defining and using outdoor space, creating boundaries between distinct guest areas such as intimate seating, high-traffic areas, and recreational spaces like pools.

Using planters is far less expensive than building permanent structures like walls and much more visually effective.

3. Add architectural details – Commercial planters can also create subtle but powerful architectural details, such as framing entryways and stairs or as a border around patios and walkways.

Congress Tall Extra Planters as commercial planters for privacy
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As mentioned before, these aesthetic additions directly impact the property’s perceived value, and this trend is set to continue without any sign of slowing down.

Discover a variety of ways to use commercial planters!

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Best Material For Commercial Planters

Our fiberglass planters lead the industry with their stylish, professional aesthetic and unbeatable quality. Constructed from extremely durable materials; fiberglass and resin, our commercial planter’s beauty, form, and function will last – unlike stone, concrete, wood or metal planters!

Due to these high-quality materials, our commercial planters are also extremely low maintenance. lightweight, and offer an excellent experience when installing and moving them.

Invest in a product you and your customers can trust. Read about our materials.

Shipping & Storing Commercial Pots

Contrary to what you may think, commercial plant pots don’t have to equate with exorbitant shipping or storage expenses. Thanks to our innovative production process and lightweight products, we can deliver quickly at minimal cost!

We pack each order carefully, ensuring that your large planters arrive pristine regardless of destination.

Additionally, with our vast inventory of pots, you can acquire the products needed right when necessary to ensure your project stays on track. Plus, they are essentially maintenance free and installation is easy!

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Tall fiberglass planters for privacy
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Colors & Finishes

Along with a three-year warranty, our broad range of colors and premium finishes look stunning and protect our commercial outdoor planters from the sun’s UV rays, harsh chemicals, and bad weather. Here are the most popular colors for commercial planters:

Black and white are the most popular planter colors when you’re looking for a modern planter that exudes professionalism and stylishness. These shades fit most applications, making them ideal for all client projects.

Cobalt blue, eggplant, and satin green planters suit residential locations such as contemporary-style homes, apartments, and condos. Plus, they are great for adding color to corporate environments and achieving aesthetic intrigue.

Beige, brown, and bronze finishes are best used in classic or traditional settings such as restaurants, cafés, and hotels and often complement the existing design landscape of these businesses. They can also be used in offices for a more rustic, warm, and high-end appearance.

See all our 20 colors & finishes.

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