10 Outdoor Design and Commercial Landscaping Ideas To Boost Business

Commercial properties that come with outdoor space are gems, especially with current global pandemic events, customers are flocking to restaurants, cafes, shops, and even malls and hotels with fresh air and wide-open spaces.

An easy way to level up your outdoor space and create a commercial landscape to behold is to invest in lush plants beautifully potted in commercial planters.

Various studies have analyzed the effect of plants and trees on business goals. In a 2005 study, researchers found that the perceived value of real estate property increased by 11% when small investments in landscaping were made.

study in 2015 discovered that retail products and services were deemed up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements of nature.

Plants are known to decrease stress levels, circulate air, and even increase productivity – all good news for your business!

10 Fantastic Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Want to know more? We have 10 great commercial landscape design ideas ready to help your business grow!

1. Use Planters To Highlight Your Business Entrance

Pura Vida restaurant patio
Pura Vida restaurant patio // Redeye

Leave a wonderful first impression on customers by framing the entrances to your commercial buildings with exceptional commercial planters.

Vividly blooming flowering shrubs by the front door cultivates a cheerful and welcoming commercial landscape; sleek trees that frame the entrance immediately inject a modern vibe to your commercial property.

Planters are also an attractive and flexible way of adding color, design, and style to your commercial property. This is a sure way to stand apart from other businesses and to appeal to both clients and employees.

It’s easy to create a stunning entrance with our wholesale commercial planters.

2. Line Property Pathways

Rio Grande Planter
Jay Scotts Rio Grande Planters

Commercial landscapes always benefit from the addition of plants. Welcome customers into your building with whispy, lush plants and you are sure to put them into a relaxed and happy mood.

Line your walkways or building perimeter with a collection of green bushes or small trees, or go for the statement effect with oversized plants and containers.

3. Add Benches, Shade, And Trees

Jay Scotts Montroy Planters // Reveal Design

Everyone loves the fresh air! In fact, this is trending, especially in response to the recent pandemic. Having an outdoor seating area will be an attractive plus point that sets you apart from most businesses.

Elevate your commercial landscaping by adding benches, deck chairs, or even a pavilion. This will deliver a WOW factor that’s hard to beat.

Do not forget to also add shade for additional comfort, tall trees or large shrubs, if grown in planters, will be easy to move about and maintain – especially if you use fiberglass planters. Why? Find out why fiberglass is the best material for landscaping.

Trees will also help with cooling costs in summer and provide a pleasant experience for your clients. Plus, with a botanical flair to your design, you can expect more high-value customers!

Learn why and how to use trees in commercial properties!

4. Spruce Up Your Parking Lots

Spruce Up Your Parking Lots // Photo by hans engbers/ Shutterstock

Most business buildings come with parking lots. Though the parking lot may seem like a humble space, it just needs a little sprucing up to transform its purpose. For example, bright colors are attractive to people – a simple, easy way is lining the parking lot with inviting flowering pots.

Be sure to use outdoor planters for a year-round stylish, professional look.

5. Add Outdoor Lighting

Brooklyn’s Mexican spot, Gran Eléctrica // Photo on Food and Wine

Commercial landscapes benefit greatly from outdoor lighting. Use string lights to create a romantic ambiance, use spotlights to draw attention to your services signage, or use lamps to create a professional outdoor atmosphere!

Not only will lights increase your commercial property’s curb appeal, but your outdoor plants will also thank you. Outdoor lights are a lovely and simple way to enhance any business space.

Here are more illuminating commercial tips from lighting specialists.

6. Create A Water Feature

Whether you have plenty of outdoor space or just a small cozy corner, a great way to elevate the landscape design is by adding a water feature. Even a small pond or water fountain easily becomes the focal point of your commercial landscaping.

Surround the water feature with low-lying planters, statement rocks, and clear signage – a simple and effective way to beautify your business property.

7. Shrub Up Your Building Windows

terrace garden ideas

Many businesses may not have copious amounts of space outdoors, but most commercial properties have windows. Do not overlook this treasure.

Planter Boxes for windows, windowsills, balconies, and even rooftops, elevate any commercial landscape design. They are easy to install and are eye-catching.

The Tiergarden Railing planter is perfect for these spaces as this planter is designed to be used with railings and bring nature to those difficult, and hard-to-reach, but very impactful areas.

The good thing about small spaces is that landscape maintenance is minimal. Taking care of your green windows and green roof requires little time and effort. It’s also possible to use artificial flower arrangements to spruce up your space without the need for much maintenance at all.

Got a rooftop? Check out our guide to the best planting ideas for terraces.

The Tiergarden Railing
The Tiergarden Railing Planter is perfect for rooftops and patios // Photo on Jayscotts

8. Set Up An Inviting Lawn

If your business building comes with a lawn or garden, make full use of that space. Here, commercial landscaping is key and it is such valuable real estate. Increasingly, clients are drawn to businesses with outdoor spaces. Employees also have a rise in morale when surrounded by greenery.

Set up a planter garden with a mix of trees and flowering beds to create contrast and the effect of a lush full garden.

Using containers for your plants allows your landscape professional greater flexibility in moving the plants around seasonally and also for greater aesthetic effect.

Related article: Find out more about how to use large planters to great effect.

9. Use Planters To Create Hedges And Dividers

Jay Scotts outdoor and indoor planters are ideal for dividing spaces

Whether you are running a cafe, restaurant, hotel, or any business property with a sizeable outdoor area, you may want to divide the space to direct the flow of traffic, to create a sense of privacy, or more.

In place of fences, go for planters. The addition of lush and beautiful plants will immediately boost your commercial landscape, creating a more inviting and pleasant space for customers.

Read more here on the best plants for restaurants.

10. Promote Your Brand

Jay Scotts Seoul Planters – Our colors match your brand // Lionfish Restaurant

A great way to tie in promotional material is to showcase your brand on your outdoor commercial landscape. Some ideas include using brand colors for your outdoor planters, or by placing your company’s logo on outdoor umbrellas, benches, and tables.

A beautiful outdoor area with appropriate branding will leave a first-rate impression on passersby, enticing them to find out more about what you are doing.

For custom planter orders to showcase your brand, send a request to our skilled sales consultants.

3 FAQs For Commercial Outdoor Design Ideas

Jay Scotts Reviews

1. What Is The Best Material For Commercial Planters?

There is a wide selection of materials on the market for commercial planters – you can choose from plastic, terracotta, concrete, metal, porcelain, foam, and more. Fiberglass comes out ahead as the best planter material.

Landscaping experts prefer fiberglass planters for commercial use as this super material is durable, resilient, lightweight and weather resistant. Metal only works for a specific aesthetic, ceramic and plastic pots are less durable, and even fiberstone is heavier than fiberglass.

Fiberglass is the definite favorite. With Jay Scott’s planters, you can select from a variety of shapes, colors, and textures – perfect for all landscaping needs.

2. What Are The Best Colors To Use For Commercial Planters?

White, grey, and black are popular colors amongst our corporate clientele. These are easy colors that match many exterior design spaces.

We also offer a large variety of colors that will suit your branding needs, find out how to choose the best colors for your design space.

Also, consider your commercial space and climate when selecting your colors. In very hot outdoor environments, it is advisable to choose white over darker colored planters. White or light planters help conserve water and boost growth as they will attract less heat in sunny outdoor environments.

3. What Is The Best Size Planter To Use For Commercial Landscapes?

The size of the planter depends on two important factors. First, the location you intend to place it, and second, the type of plant.

Our planters come in a wide selection of shapes, from squares to rectangles, from circular to tapered, there are many suitable options available for your space.

Regarding the plant, ensure that it has sufficient space to grow, in terms of height, width, as well as root growth. Having appropriately sized planters will keep your garden landscape healthy and happy!

See Jay Scotts Planters In Action!

Take a look and see how Jay Scotts planters were perfect for this luxurious outdoor area by The Gates South Beach!

The Gates South Beach

The pool area is often the first thing that guests see when they arrive, and the client wanted it to make a good impression. See how we used planters to meet the needs of this luxurious property!

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Get Ready To Implement Your Outdoor Commercial Landscaping Ideas With Jay Scotts

Wannsee Montroy
Wannsee and Montroy planters // Installed by botanicalconceptschicago.com

Now that you have read our guide to elevating your business’ outdoor landscaping with commercial planters, you must be brimming with ideas and eager to get started.

Let us help you with your landscaping needs – our wholesale commercial planters are made of durable, sturdy, and delightful fiberglass material. Choose from a variety of 18 stunning colors to suit your design goals.

All our planters come with an industry-leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters. Feel free to give us a call and our team will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have.

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