Complete Guide To Commercial Planters For Trees

Growing trees in planters is an easy way to add color, shape, and style to any outdoor or indoor area.

Tree planters are suitable for offices, restaurants, hotels, common residential spaces, or any property with a deck or patio. Pots and planters are a great way to level up the look of the indoor or outdoor space without intrusive renovation.

Interested in commercial planters for trees? This guide will assist you in finding the right material, styles, and more!

Why Beautify Your Business Space By Growing Trees In Commercial Planters?

Commercial Planters
Planters can add a certain wow factor to any commercial property @ Jay Scotts

Planters can add a certain wow factor to any commercial property, especially large commercial planters, which make bold and impressive statements. Growing trees in planters is particularly eye-catching and unique, leaving a lasting positive impression on your clients.

Moreover, placing trees in planters indoors allows you to bring in nature while capitalizing on the benefits that trees give us: fresh air, increased productivity, and altogether better physical and mental wellness. Let’s look at some of these benefits more closely.

1) Plants make your business more money

Various studies have analyzed the effect of plants and trees on business goals. In a 2005 study, researchers found that the perceived value of real estate properties increased by 11% when they were clad with greenery. A study in 2015 discovered that retail products and services were deemed up to 25% more valuable when paired with elements of nature such as trees.”

The fact is, by NOT using plants and trees in your commercial space you may actually be losing money. Tree planters are one of the easiest ways to introduce greenery into commercial spaces that consumers have come to expect and love.

2) Planters make a flexible landscape design

Planters, even large commercial planters, are still more portable than growing a tree directly in the ground. This makes life easier for your landscape architects, who can move the pot indoors or outdoors depending on seasonal weather changes. The planters can also be easily rearranged to create a fresh new look, resulting in a flexible and adaptive landscape.

In addition, container gardens are often used by interior designers to extend the aesthetic beauty of a commercial space. As tree planters come in many different materials, shapes, colors, and sizes, they are perfect complements to any existing interior or exterior design ethos.

3) Trees in planters can add depth to your indoor space

Bring the outdoors indoors with tree planters. Indoor trees bring a certain element of surprise and uniqueness, as nothing can be more impressive than having a tree inside a building. Indoor tree planters add height and scale to otherwise ordinary houseplants.

Big planters in a hotel lobby
Big planters in a hotel lobby @ Jay Scotts

4) Large commercial planters level up the look of your outdoor space

For commercial buildings with minimal outdoor areas, tree planters can make the deck or patio look and feel more like a lush garden. Tree planters can also add much-needed shade so that customers and staff can enjoy the outdoor deck, restaurant patio, or public areas with natural features.

5) Mark entries and walkways with tree planters.

You can define high traffic areas such as entryways and pavement walkways in a pleasant and delightful way using tree planters. This technique is often used by designers to highlight the entrance of a business and make a dazzling first impression on customers.

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What Challenges Should Businesses Consider When Choosing Trees to Grow in Planters?

Before you put a tree in its planter, there are a few things to consider. There are many kinds of plants suitable to grow in a pot for indoor and outdoor use. Here are 3 tips on choosing the right kind of ornamental tree for your commercial space and climate.

Montroy cube black botanical concepts
Montroy cube black botanical concepts @ Jay Scotts

1) Environmental conditions and needs of the plant

If the tree will be living in outdoors, you will have to choose plants suitable for the climate of your region, or zone. This will also determine whether the planter needs to be moved indoors during winter.

Likewise, if the tree will primarily stay indoors, you will have to ensure it receives adequate light in your chosen location. Also make sure you have the right water and nutrients required for the plants.

2) Height and width of the trees

How wide and how tall the plants will grow is an important consideration. Knowing their full size at maturity, especially the full size of the root ball, allows you to choose the right fiberglass planter dedicated to its growth potential.

Noting the canopy of the fully mature tree, that is the width of the tree branches, also affects where you are able to put them in your commercial property, particularly if indoors.

3) How often the tree needs to be repotted

Trees can grow in their pots for a long time, if they are healthy and strong. This can be as long as 20 years. If you would prefer not to re-pot the plants as often, go for trees that are already near maturity.

Otherwise, speak to professional landscapers on how often the tree needs to be repotted and make a plan for this. The re-potting allows your tree to grow bigger and stronger, and generally needs to be done every few years.

For more green-thumb guidance, check out our article on the best trees for planting in pots.

Why Are Fiberglass Planters The Way To Go?

Orange rectangular fiberglass planters
Orange rectangular fiberglass planters @ Jay Scotts

Fiberglass planters are a firm favorite with professional landscapers. While there are a wide selection of materials to choose from, including plastic, terracota, and metal planters, fiberglass is the way to go.

This material is lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant, compared to metal planters which tend to be heavy. While ceramic and plastic planters may weigh less, they generally are less resilient.

Fiberglass pots also have the added benefit of coming in a huge array of shapes and colors, they can even mimic textures. This can all be customized to suit your project needs.

Why do we put our name to our fiberglass planter collection? Here’s why fiberglass is the best planter material.

3 Tips on Choosing and Preparing the Right Commercial Planters

Now that we have covered the top tips on choosing the correct tree for your environment and commercial needs, it is time to select the best plant for the planters.

Jay Scotts Planters
Jay Scotts Planters with various sizes // Jay Scotts

1) Choose the right size planter

Landscape architects and gardeners have to make sure that there is enough space in the planters for the trees to grow. As a rule of thumb, it is ideal to have about 2 cubic feet of space in your pot for every square foot of canopy.

A well-cared-for tree can grow to its full height even in a planter. A large planter can encourage the tree to grow substantially more, while a smaller planter can help to limit its height accordingly, it is important to choose a size suitable for your project whether indoors or outdoors.

If you’re not sure, consult our guide to the best planter sizes and shapes for optimum tree health.

2) Make sure the planter is heavy enough

Tree planters have to be durable enough to withstand the weight of the tree without toppling over and causing mayhem. Taller trees naturally need more weight to be grounded.

A planter with the right weight will create a sturdy base for the tree to grow happily and heartily. You can modify the weight of the planter by adding rocks to the bottom, or you can make it more secure by choosing square-shaped planters which are more sturdy at the base.

3) Give it the right soil and fertilizer

Apart from giving the tree adequate water and light, providing it with the right soil and fertilizer also increases its chances of healthy growth.

It is generally ideal to use a light potting soil mix that has compost, sand, and perlite. This needs to be refreshed every year.

Trees growing in planters also need to be supplied with a slow-release fertilizer on a yearly basis – choose a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus for optimum growing conditions.

Best Fiberglass Planters For Trees

Commercial gardening requires the best planters to do the job, just what we specialize in! Our planters, made of heavy-duty fiberglass resin, are durable, weather-resistant, fade-resistant, rust-proof, and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Wannsee Extra Large Round Planter
Wannsee Extra Large Round Planter // Jay Scotts

Choose the design, shape, and dimensions of the planter that best suits your project and aesthetics. Our extra-large commercial planters come in sizes as big as 60 inches wide and deep, ideal for many ornamental trees. Here are our favorite designs:

10 Jay Scotts Planters That Are Perfect For Trees

1) Montroy Cube Planter – The cubic shape planter is made out of lightweight yet durable fiberglass- much more durable than other materials. The largest size is 60 x 60 x 60 inches – it will make a bold statement in any office or outdoor walkway.

2) Wannsee Extra Large Round Planter – The Wannsee planter steals the show with its subtle tapered based, perfect to maximize space for your indoor commercial garden.

3) Torino Wide Rectangular Planter – These spacious and durable fiberglass planters will do just the job. Its wide dimensions can easily handle trees with wide spreading roots. Use the Torino planters to line your outdoor paths or indoor entryways.

4) Tarragona Bowl Planter – If you are looking for something that looks delicate but durable, unique yet solid, these planters are for you. Pair the Tarragona planter with a slim willowy ornamental tree for a pleasing aesthetic.

5) Valencia Tall Round Tapered Planter – These elegant fiberglass planters bring a soothing and calming effect to any indoor or outdoor area. This is a timeless shape that compliments almost any area. To complete your zen landscape with this lightweight pot, go for white, grey, or black.

6) Selenge Extra Wide Large Rectangular Planter – Use the Selenge planters to create a focal point in your office. Designers love the extra-wide base that allows them to play with planting a variety of trees and other plants all in one pot. These items can also be used to create privacy, they are ideal for building a fence along your patio or balcony.

7) Santa Barbara Low Fluted Round Planter – These planters come in classic shapes with fluted details, and will easily elevate your lobby or reception area. Pleasing to look at, they will catch the eye of your customers. The Santa Barbara planters are suitable for small to medium-sized trees.

8) Bara Jar Planter – Choose from satin/matte, or gloss finishes with the Bara Jar Planters, which will add a modern elegant touch to your restaurant or outdoor deck. Pair these planters with small fruit trees for a stunning and refreshing look.

9) Saint Tropez Bullet Round Planter -This best-selling planter features a slim and elongated body, creating a sleek and modern shape – no wonder it is considered a staple for many of our corporate clients. Choose from 18 colors to complement your interior or outdoor design.

10) Brisbane Wide Rectangular Planter – The Brisbane planter is adored for its versatility. It boosts a modern and clean design that is suitable for contemporary interiors. This lightweight and durable planter can support a small-sized tree.

Elevate Your Commercial Project With Jay Scotts Planters

Montroy cube silver tree planters reveal design
Montroy cube silver tree planters reveal design // Jay Scotts

If you are considering growing trees in planters, the most important thing to look for is durable and reliable pots. Especially for tall trees, the quality of the planter is essential as they provide the basis of growth and secure the tree from tipping over.

Plus, a high-quality and professional planter is more likely to impress customers and help achieve your business goals – which is the reason you are investing in biophilic design in the first place!

Our planters, made from lightweight yet durable fiberglass, are perfect for planting trees both indoors and outdoors. Offered in a wide selection, there are many styles and colors to suit your business’ design needs.

If you are worried about the longevity of your investment, do not. Our planters withstand  diverse weather conditions, from frosty winters to scorching summers.

All our planters come with an industry leading warranty emphasizing the commitment and value of our fiberglass planters.

Contact us today to learn more about the exciting opportunities. Or better yet, give us a call and our sales consultants will be more than happy to walk you through any outstanding questions or requests you might have.

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