Guide To Large Outdoor Planters: Plus Ideas for Home and Commercial Spaces

Large planters are a unique way to add color and texture to any space. These large containers can be used both indoors and outdoors, in hotels lobbies, and on your front porch.

Large planters can be placed in front of windows or doors, line walkways, and add depth to gardens.

In this post, we will discuss some of the different materials available for constructing these large outdoor planters as well as their pros and cons.

We’ll also talk about how large and even extra-large planters can be used in residential and commercial spaces for best results when it comes to style and decor!

large planters in Grant Park Chicago
large planters in Grant Park Chicago @ James Andrews / Getty Images

What are extra large outdoor planter sizes?

Outdoor planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 12 inches to 14 feet in diameter.

While smaller planters are good for no more than one plant, bigger planters are big enough for several plants, shrubs, and even trees!.

In fact, Jay Scotts offer planters of every shape in these large sizes, from our round planters that look amazing with trees to rectangular shapes that are great for hedgerows.

There are many different large and extra-large planters on the market that are appropriate for any project size – the only limit is your creativity.

3 large pots in the colours of Belgium at Abu Dhabi
3 large pots in the colours of Belgium at Abu Dhabi @ JanBertrem / Getty Images

Tips for large planters at home

Extra-large planters are a fantastic way to personalize your home exterior. A big outdoor planter also helps enrich the environment by creating a micro-climate that supports biological diversity and encourages wildlife. Here are 4 key large outdoor planter ideas:

1. Curb appeal

Large outdoor plant pots are a fantastic way to give your home style that will last. Big outdoor planters can be used as part of a landscape design by lining your walkway or driveway with large pots.

They also work perfectly to line the edge of a deck, patio, or porch and create an inviting and lush place for dining al fresco style!

modular planters
Use big planters to cover the outdoor pool @ Jay Scotts

2. Hedges in a single pot!

One of the most popular ways to use large outdoor planter boxes is as a hedge. Big pots make it easy to add height and depth when creating privacy screens, fences, or other barriers on your property. For best results, you need a rectangular planter to create rows of foliage. Here are our best planters for creating privacy!

Murraya Paniculata plant in large planter
Murraya paniculata plant in large planter to create privacy fence @ Red’s Landscaping and Civil Website

3. Decorative urns

Big outdoor planters are a perfect way to add personality and design interest. Big pots can be used as the focal point in gardens, flower beds, or other areas of your garden that need some sprucing up. Decorative grasses are often planted in these big containers too. Try ivy plants with trailing leaves for an english villa vibe!

pedestal Urn with flowers in green garden
Decorative Urn with flowers in green garden @ caughtinthe / Getty Images

4. Large size outdoor planters for trees

Planting trees in flower pots is a very popular and beautiful way to spruce up your home inside or out.

Montroy extra large planter
Montroy extra large planter @ Jay Scotts

In addition to decor, extra large planters that host trees can bring more life into any space by attracting birds, butterflies, bees, and other insects that would not normally come near a landscape with nothing but small plants included as part of the design.

Large commercial planters

Big outdoor planters can be used by the commercial sector for two purposes; as a tool to help create a more welcoming space and to increase the health and wellbeing of individuals. In fact, our large plant pots are found in the hospitality industry all over America.

Here are 4 ways that large commercial planters can improve style and hospitality:

1. Hotels

Hotels can use large pots to fill spaces with style, color, and life. Extra-large planters can be found in front of hotels, in gardens, and in lobbies. They can fill corners or empty spaces on a property that need some personality. They are a beautifully elegant way to hide an ugly window to a back-of-house area. Wide pots can help direct guests around the hotel.

Big planters in a hotel lobby
Big planters in a hotel lobby @ Jay Scotts

2. Restaurants

Big outdoor planters help restaurants create a welcoming and fresh environment for their customers. Big pots are used both outside and inside restaurants, sometimes they can even be found in the bathroom! A special feature like a variety of planter displays is a wonderful way to wow diners. They provide an area of beauty for people to relax in. Selfies are always encouraged.

Trattoria Il Calcio restaurant
Trattoria Il Calcio restaurant @ Archello Website

3. Planters for gardens and parks

Commercial spaces such as gardens, parks, aquariums, museums, zoos can be enhanced by the use of large plant displays. Big outdoor planters are a great way to draw people in and give them something beautiful to enjoy. This often adds value to the ticket price too.

Giant Succulent Planter in Garden with near-black aeonium in center
Giant Succulent Planter in Garden with near-black aeonium in center @ kongxinzhu / Getty Images

4. Large planters in retail stores

Planters can be found all over malls – from out front greeting visitors to indoor areas providing privacy between stores. Planter boxes line the outside of malls to create a sense of enclosure for the customer.

An extra-large pot often features as a backdrop to clothing features at retail stores and also helps create an inviting atmosphere, which will encourage consumers to stay longer in the store.

apple union square san francisco
Big planters inside Apple union square San Francisco @ Dezeen website

What materials are used for large outdoor planters?

Planters come in a wide range of precursors, and these materials will change how they are used and their lifespan.

Big outdoor planters can be made of wood, plastic resin, metal – the list goes on! We have a full guide on it. Here are two types to consider:

Cheap extra large outdoor planters

Cheap planters made of materials such as plastic are fine for casual use but won’t stand the test of time. Usually, the first plant pot you buy from the nursery is made of plastic, but you will need to replace this quite quickly within a year.

Clay or stone pots are good for residential spaces where the owner has time to maintain or repair any damage from weather exposure. However, big clay planters are heavier than cheap alternatives like fiberglass or metal planters, but this may not be a problem for many people and it could even provide some stability for your larger plants.

big clay pot
Big clay pot @ monysasi / Getty Images

Quality extra large planters

Large fiberglass planters are a popular choice because they can be made as large as needed and are very lightweight. Fiberglass material also looks very modern compared to stone or metal that might not fit all home decor styles.

Large resin planters like fiberglass are manufactured to be versatile, durable and long-lasting. The coating is also rot and weather resistant – no need to worry about rust or paint chips! This makes fiberglass the perfect material for indoor use too.

Outdoor large planters
Outdoor large planters @ Jay Scotts

Large size planters are a great way to add color and texture to any space, whether it be in the home, park, or hotel! Each pot plays its part.

If you’re looking for the perfect planter that is durable, beautiful, and functional, take a look at our collection of outdoor planters here.

Or if you are wondering how we can help your planter business to succeed in bringing beauty to commercial spaces, indoor or out, check out what to expect from Jay Scotts.

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