Wholesale Large Planters
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Wholesale Large Planters

No matter what industry you supply, unlock new opportunities by offering the Jay Scotts Collection of large planters.

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Our Wholesale Large Planters

With our range of categories, from outdoor planters to wall planters, the Jay Scotts Collection is designed to suit the interior or landscape of any existing design whether in the home or commercial space. Here are just a small selection of our favorite large planters. See all our planters.

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Dig into our extensive collection of wholesale fiberglass planters and compose your own set of stylish plant pots.

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Who Uses Jay Scotts Wholesale Large Planters?

While large pots can make a big impact on the visual design of a home, garden, or commercial space and directly increase the perceived value of such properties, they are also the best tool to bring nature to difficult-to-reach places such as balconies, patios, pool areas, or even shop floors and airport lobbies.

Our customers include:

  • Professional landscapers, architects & interior designers
  • Residential developers & property managers
  • Retailers, hotels, & restaurants

Interested in supplying our world-class planters? Enquire and get wholesale benefits today!

What Are Large Planter Sizes?

Generally, pot sizes are considered big when they can accommodate more than one plant, a tree, or they are extra long, tall, or wide. While the exact size isn’t important, choosing an overly small planter size can stunt plant growth. On the other hand, if you order a planter that’s too big, the plant roots may not reach enough water.

Learn more about planter sizes.

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What Are Large Planter Shapes?

Now that you have the perfect size for your planter project, choose from our wide range of styles and shapes! Our large planter collection includes:

We also offer window boxes, wall & railing planters, planter boxes for vertical gardens, and even room dividers – we have the planter solution for everyone!

Use our tool to get the exact shape and size planter needed for your project.

3 Creative Ideas For Large Planters

Here are a few effective ways to use large plant pots:

  1. Use large planters to create privacy in your customer’s garden, patio, or commercial property – this is especially effective when designed for resorts and restaurants that need to partition an area, creating a serene space to enjoy.
  2. Large planters easily manage plants without the mess and clutter of smaller pots. While this increases biodiversity by providing areas for outdoor plants and indoor plants to thrive, it also helps reduce air and noise pollution in rooms and outdoor spaces.
  3. Place large planters in the entryway of your home or business. Not only do they add a touch of beauty and elegance, but they also serve as a great way to welcome visitors and catch people’s attention in high-traffic areas.

Discover a variety of ways to use large planters!

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See Our Planters Make A Difference

Learn how Jay Scotts planters are used to meet the goals of our customers – from the Philadelphia International Airport to the Gates Hotel South Beach in Miami.

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Best Large Planter Materials

Our planter collection stands out in the industry not only due to its style and professional appearance but also because of its unrivaled quality. We use premium fiberglass and resin materials that are both sustainable and long-lasting to create a product that is built to last and look great doing it – unlike plastic.

Get peace of mind on your planter material choice.

Read about our materials.

Colors & Finishes

Our products are not only warranted for three years, but each color and premium finish we offer protects your pot from UV rays, harsh chemicals, and inclement weather – making them perfect for projects that demand maximum performance, appearance, and durability.

See all our 20 colors & finishes.

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Shipping & Storing Big Pots

You may believe that bigger plant pots are synonymous with costly shipping and warehousing fees; however, our innovative production process and lightweight products mean low-cost and quick delivery. Each order is carefully boxed with the utmost care and attention, ensuring that you receive your large planters in peak condition no matter where they’re being sent.

Furthermore, our large stock of pots means that you can get the products you need when they’re needed, so your project stays on track.

Oh, and installation is a breeze!

All these factors make the Jay Scotts Collection of fiberglass planters much more affordable than other planter alternatives such as ceramic pots.

Learn more about ordering with us!

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