Best Extra Large Lightweight Planters For Trees | Plus Ideas For Large Outdoor Planters!

You might find when you first begin using plant pots for interior or exterior design, you tend to focus on small plants and planters as a means to introduce greenery to that space.

Promising very little hassle whilst being a versatile and creative solution to bring all manner of plants and flowers wherever you want, these styles of planters are a great stepping-off point when you start gardening. Even as a wholesaler or retailer of garden supplies, you might limit your collection too small and easy pots.

But as you get more experience, you start to realize what’s bigger is, one could argue, better.

It’s time to consider extra-large lightweight planters for outdoor use. And what better way than with outdoor, extra large lightweight planters for trees?

Let’s have a look at what the possibilities are for you! or your customers.

Best Extra Large Lightweight Planters For Tree

In this post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of using extra-large planters, with a focus on lightweight and outdoor planters to plant trees.

Once you have an understanding of their benefits, we’ll provide a few ideas for what trees to use in large outdoor planters, as well as some design ideas for each. Last but not least, we’ll provide some final instructions for how to actually plant trees in extra-large planters!

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What Are Some Benefits Of Extra Large Outdoor Planters?

Size Does Matter

extra large lightweight planters for trees
©Jay Scotts

The first and most obvious benefit of an extra-large outdoor planter, wherever it is used, has to do with size.

Larger planters mean greater soil capacity which translates to more space for roots to grow.

As such, it’s possible to use these plant pots when you want to grow trees or other large plants. Not only will the plants be more healthy, but also you won’t have to replant your trees as often – saving you or your customers time and money in the long run.

Learn more about how plant pot size matters

Make A Statement

extra large lightweight planters for trees
©Reveal Design // Jay Scotts

Though extremely functional, one creative solution for using extra-large outdoor planters is to have them as standalone statement pieces.

While the plant you end up growing will take the cake in terms of aesthetic appeal, that doesn’t mean you can’t use elements of the planter to ramp up style points.

Whether you intend to use it in interior or exterior design, in an increasingly urban environment, or a traditional rural one, the design impact of the large planters themselves is a landscaping design tactic used by pros.

For example, how about the minimalist beauty of our monolith Montroy Cube Planter? Add a tree for greater effect!

More Opportunities For Decor

large pots in frontdoor
©Gardenworkssupply / Jay Scotts

With the focus of this post being on extra large lightweight planters, it’d be foolish not to talk about weight!

However, it must be noted that the terms lightweight and large planter only go hand in hand when referring to fiberglass planters.

Unfortunately, the weight of pots made from other materials such as terracotta, wood, or metal increase in tandem with the size of the pot. This is why fiberglass is so worthwhile!

It takes a load off your shoulders when you know transporting your extra-large planters is easy.

Want to take your planter from your patio to the back porch? Or your customers want large planters on their rooftops. No problem!

Plus, this means shipping is low-cost too!

At Jay Scotts, we offer the very best extra large wholesale planters with fast, easy shipping!


extra large pots
©Lasting Greenery / Jay Scotts

Like the previous benefit, the longevity of extra-large planters is entirely dependent on the material the planter is made from.

Let’s get straight to business, fiberglass planters are the best choice for outdoor use due to their durability, versatility, and low maintenance requirements. Unlike other types of planters, fiberglass is a sturdy material that can withstand extreme weather conditions without cracking or fading. Additionally, their lightweight structure makes them easy to move around, making it convenient to rearrange outdoor spaces.

Fiberglass planters come in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect planter to match your decor or landscaping design. Because they are resistant to pests and rot, they require very little upkeep, making them a practical and cost-effective option. Lastly, their excellent insulation properties provide protection to plants from temperature fluctuations, ensuring healthy growth and long-lasting beauty.

Still unconvinced? Check out this guide to modern fiberglass planters and soon they’ll be your favorite extra-large planters!

3 Trees To Grow In Large Outdoor Planters

Now you have an understanding of the benefits of outdoor extra-large planters, let’s take a look at a few ideas for trees to grow in them. Each tree will be paired with its very own planter which will save you the hassle of having to decide!

1. Fruit Trees

One creative solution for bringing about a sense of bountiful greenery to even an increasingly urban environment is to plant fruit trees in your favorite extra-large planters.

Dreaming of picking apples, peaches, or plums in the comfort of your garden may seem like a mundane idea at first, but following a few guidelines can help you add value and achieve this kind of style.

fruit tree
©thegardeningdad /

Fruit Tree Planting 101

The best and most cost-effective time to plant fruit trees is during dormant, winter periods. However, when using large fiberglass planters, you can essentially plant trees whenever you want.

Buy extra large planters when growing fruit trees so the roots have space to develop, and use organic mulch as well as some garden soil for the perfect solution for healthy plant growth.

When planting in outdoor environments, choose a spot that receives some shade as well as the light of the full sun. However, as is the case with all trees, this is just a general guideline and it’s important to be aware of your individual plant’s needs to ensure long-lasting life. Once you understand the planting and growing requirements of your fruit tree, how about pairing it with a fiberglass planter from the Jay Scotts collection? Why not try the Wannsee Extra Large Round Planter?

fruit tree in large pot
©gardendrum /
evergreen tree

2. Evergreen Trees

Perhaps one of the most recognizable types of trees, the Evergreen is popular as, true to its name, it stays green all year round. While you might think these trees only grow in forests or mountains, did you know it’s possible to grow this type of foliage outdoors, say, in your backyard or along the patio of a restaurant? Let’s find out how!

evergreen trees in pots
evergreen trees in pots
©Scott.W2010 /

Evergreen Planting 101

Before beginning, it’s important to note that Evergreen Trees denote a wide range of this type of tree. Numerous subcategories like Conifers, Tropical Hardwoods, and Temperate Broad Leaved Evergreens also exist, making it possible to find the species that is suited to you and your needs! However, for the sake of length, let’s focus on Confiers.

Conifers are perhaps the most well-known type of Evergreen Tree. Common features are their leaves which grow in needle-like formations that occasionally bear pines, and they can be shrubby or grow to heights of 150 feet! These make for great greenery in large outdoor planters, with shapes that possess a stately dynamic while also creating privacy–You’re killing two birds with one creative solution!

Preferring full sun to partial shade, it takes very little hassle to care for these plants. They are durable and survive through hot summers and cold winters so long as watering requirements are met.

Why not try a Hudson Extra Long Rectangular Planter with a Fraser Fir? Their cone shape is great for privacy and filling up empty spaces, giving you your desired look in outdoor environments!

Interested in learning about planter materials before you start to plant trees? Find out what the 7 best planter materials are!

3. Japanese Maple Trees

Our third and final suggestion for trees to grow in your favorite extra-large planters is the Japanese Maple. Renowned for their beautiful year-round look, these trees are also great in that their appearance changes with the seasons. Autumn tends to be considered when the plant is at its most picturesque, with a brilliant display of red-orange leaves promising to dazzle any guests you have. If what you’re looking for is something to really enhance the look of outdoor spaces, look no further than this!

Japanese Maple Trees
©lellen81 / Unsplash

Maple Tree Planting 101

While you might imagine their beautiful appearance means Japanese Maple Trees need to be constantly attended to, in truth, these plants get by without too much fussing over.

Place your large planter in a spot that receives full sun or partial shade, but just note, the leaves of young Japanese Maples may get scorched if left in areas of too much direct sunlight. However, this is a bit of a double-edged sword as increased exposure to sunlight also results in a more intense red in Autumn.

In terms of soil and watering requirements, these trees grow well in pretty much any kind of soil so long as it’s well-drained-make sure your extra large planter comes with drainage holes! A Selenge Extra Wide Large Rectangle Planter could work. Just water as you would most plants: enough to keep it moist but not so much that you’re drowning it. Easy enough, right?

Now you have 3 tree ideas, why don’t you start planting? Read this definitive guide to growing trees in pots to help you out!

Japanese Maple Trees in pots
Japanese Maple Trees in pots

3 Design Ideas For Extra Large Outdoor Planters

Create Privacy

Tall fiberglass planters for privacy
©Lion Fish Restaurant / TruVines / Jay Scotts

Perhaps one of the most obvious uses for extra large planters for trees is to have them as privacy screens.

This is one creative solution that can easily be accomplished by using tall, large rectangular planters such as the Seoul modern planters, these planters add a touch of style and finesse into any space and naturally function as barriers between spaces.

This technique is used by our customers to carve out usable and private spaces for restaurant and hotel guests, as well as in residential developments on rooftops, balconies, and in gardens.

Try our tall planters. Soon, you’ll be able to relish the comfort of privacy wherever you are!

A Taste of Luxury

Large round pots
@Ambius / Jay Scotts

Great for hotels and restaurants, you can also use extra large outdoor planters to provide a taste of grandiose luxury.

This is made possible because of the size of the pot, in the sense that the designs stand out with their stately dynamic and bring about a wow factor to impress customers from all walks of life.

By planting a luscious tree you can set your guests up for a relaxing stay before they even make it to the reception desk!

How about having something like the Brannan Tapered Round Planter by the entrance of a hotel?

Create Large Lines

Our final suggestion for using extra-large planters is to have them create lines. Whether you’re a homeowner or a leading landscape designer, this is great because it allows you to give a property a much-desired sense of orderliness.

For example, you can use this design idea along the driveway leading up to a front door or main entrance of a restaurant or hotel. Not only will this give guests a sense of direction, it also works to achieve the former two design ideas – With this one creative solution, you’re satisfying all three!

How about some more inspiration? Check out this guide to large outdoor planters

square planters
©Jay Scotts

Filling Instructions For Extra Large Outdoor Planters For Trees!

Now that you have all the background information, let’s take a look at how to actually plant in an extra large planter!

  1. Choose your planter. Taking into account your personal wants for design, shapes, and sizes, as well as the needs of the plant you’ll end up potting, choose a planter that fulfills both – As a friendly reminder, go with planters that come with drainage holes for outdoor planters, and no drainage holes for indoor planters!
  2. If using, add a filler. Although not required, fillers can be great because they reduce the amount of potting soil you end up using, which saves a lot of money. However, one could argue that more soil equals more room for roots to develop, and as such, a larger and healthier plant in the long run.
  3. *Skip this step if not using a filler. If using a filler, layer some material, whether that be newspaper or fabric you can pick up at your local garden center, in between the filler and soil.
  4. Add potting soil. Store-bought is always best.
  5. Pot your plant!

Need some more detailed information? Read all about how to fill large planters here!

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