Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

At Jay Scotts, we’re committed to EXCELLENCE as your global source for design innovation. We set high expectations for the quality of our goods and the professionalism of our services by providing unique, world renowned designs that embody style, form and function. Our innovative approach, use of materials, original designs and personalized service translates into exciting and inspiring designs that have earned us an award winning reputation. Jay Scotts products are constructed of the highest quality materials by remarkably skilled craftsmen made to last and to maintain their beauty for years to come.Our customers receive exceptional prices and experience peace of mind knowing that EXCELLENCE guides every aspect of their business encounters with us. We value our relationships and treat our customers with integrity and respect while ensuring a mutually beneficial financial climate. We follow through by protecting our customers’ interests in all of our transactions. Our dedication to EXCELLENCE also encompasses our desire to give back to make a difference. We express gratitude for our success through being globally and socially responsible.

Vision Statement

To become the premier global source for innovative design products that evolve with the market, provide our customers with outstanding value, service and custom tailored programs that meet their varied and ever changing needs. Jay Scotts is the catalyst and driving force behind each customer’s vision. With our years of design experience and our innovative approach, we transform spaces to achieve the desired effect that our customers want their clients, guests and staff to experience.

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