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Tapered Planters

Hand-crafted by a team of highly-skilled artisans, Tapered Planters by Jay Scotts are guaranteed to add a lot of modern style and polish to any interior.

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Tips and Hints

  • Consider planting multiple plants within rectangular planters, whether it is multiple of the same plant or a variety of different plants working together in the overall design scheme. Not only will this save space, this can also save your budget!
  • Go with rectangular planters if you’re looking to save time on watering and cleaning. Having a few rectangular planters rather than multiple other planters makes management easier, especially in a business setting or when running a store.
  • Use rectangular planters to highlight areas of a home or business. Lining a walkway with planters can be a great way to draw people into a business. Bright plants in rectangular planters will draw attention to a focal point or key area like a deck or patio.
  • Boost privacy with rectangular planters. Their straight edges will allow you to put planters together with no space between. Fill them with plants and use to line your restaurant patios, or place rectangular planters around pools or to separate areas in a waiting room.
  • Use rectangular planters to incorporate minimalism. Putting multiple plants in one planter decreases the number of planters and opens up the space. Even if a design scheme is slightly busier, rectangular planters can draw back on the busy feeling and provide a bit of calm.

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